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Re: Dictatorships like to encourage in others what they most fear at home.

Good Little Robots’R’Us aka Cuckolds and Puppets and Muppets

Not true, just googling “critical thinking courses” returns plenty – certainly enough options for me to have to spend time weeding out the good from the bad if I wanted one. And at least, here in the UK my kids learn that sort of thing all the time at school. From what I can make out, it’s embedded in many subjects: How to question and challenge sources etc. And my kids are young enough for me to think it’s standard across the whole curriculum.
I even remember it back when I was at school. ……. jdiebdhidbsusbvwbsidnsoskebid

I find that impossible to believe whenever the vast majority of the national and international population mindlessly believe what mainstream media broadbandcasts to them.

But it sure isn’t just as easy as it used to be and that is increasingly proving disastrously problematical for the traditional hierarchical status quos stuck with the inheritance of establishments drowning with the weight in the sorrows of all past woes.

And their twisted thinking and enfeebling and ignoble efforts to keep dissenting voices without an audience amplifies their messages farther afield and deeper underground and higher up into enlightened and enamoured chains of remote command and control than can ever be contained and extinguished and defeated.

Times and spaces and how things be done in them, for better or for worse for the beings in them, are changed, and such a strange thing is never going back to way IT was abused and misused before.

Poke the bear, reap the whirlwind. Silence the truth has one always facing defeat and dishonour with the sharing of every scrap of fake news.


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