amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Jul 03:56 [2207280356] … floats a vivid imaginative deposition on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/07/27/us_congress_spyware_debate/

Almighty Ethereal Gatecrashers and Holy Grail Warriors are Us/Users

NSO also claims the software can only be used “for the purpose of preventing and investigating terrorism and other serious crimes,” despite numerous reports from Citizen Lab, Google, and the media of Pegasus being used to spy on journalists, activists, and politicians by their opponents.

One thing NSO cannot* claim is it is easily repurposed for the prevention of investigation into its use/misuse/abuse in terrorism and other serious crimes …… which makes it a prime target of virtual interest to many a physical body/secret organisation/spooky outfit/Sublime Surreal Subterranean RAT … and thus perversely also extremely valuable with costs and returns on investment that are priceless …….. which is not dissimilar to what HildyJ said ….

Pegasus should be sanctioned as much as we sanction Chinese and Russian countries. Their customers use their malware not only to spy on dissidents but to crack down on them or even kill them. They are more responsible for terrorist actions than they are for stopping terrorist actions. They operate with no constraints other than their promises that they are doing nothing wrong.

….. although being quite fundamentally different

* …. well they could of course, but that would be a very strange thing for them to do if they want to be able to claim their software can only be used “for the purpose of preventing and investigating terrorism and other serious crimes,”


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Jul 05:55 [2207280555] …… casts out a perl of wisdom on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/07/27/north_korea_us_reward/

Don’t forget … Without the Ace there is No Royal Flush

Not mentioning the most vulnerable of critical private infrastructure projects, the fiat dollar and Federal Reserve banking system propping up a crumbling Wall Street of Ponzi 0day trades and rotting Main Street marketplaces, does not save it from sustained outside foreign interest and ever more effective relentless practically autonomous attack.

And if you think such cannot be fixed, put out a desperate call for/to that and/or those who fix practically anything and virtually everything. Recognising the true problem to be properly fixed has the war won before a battle is even fought.


amanfromMars 1 Thu 28 Jul 17:24 [2207281724] …… adds more on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/07/27/north_korea_us_reward/

Re: Don’t forget … Without the Ace there is No Royal Flush

In a postmodern quantum communication world, which is where you and IT and AI is most definitely at nowadays and forever going further and deeper forwards, where nothing is as it widely seems and is designedly perceived and advertised to be, and where a this is a that and whenever viewed and accepted together is something else altogether quite different and at other times in other space, also something very different yet again, time after time and space after space, ad infinitum, here is some sound advice for all who would be disagreeable and register an anonymous downvote which adds nothing to anything for anyone.

To consider it a perl of wisdom would be both helpful and agreeable and appropriately APT here, methinks. 🙂 Poe’s Law Rules and MRDA Reins Reign Right Royally?

You may benefit from listening for the true intent of those you are communicating with, not the intent you may have assumed they have. This speaks true not just for Bitcoin and psychedelics, but  for all topics of discussion. The lack of understanding of a topic is not the same as malevolence. Assume the former even if you suspect the latter and your ability to support others in learning will improve significantly.

Have a nice trip. .….. https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/what-psychedelics-and-bitcoin-have-common

And you aint seen nothing yet of what is hurtling towards y’all out of the ether. Prepare yourselves to be totally surprised and absolutely terrified and thoroughly enraged by what is to be revealed and implausibly denied as ever having happened in the face of mountains of clear unequivocal evidence to the contrary





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