amanfromMars [2207260826] …… shares a novel opportunity to lead somewhere new on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/7/26/lab-powers-up-to-plug-in-next-gen-supercomputers

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Meredith, Hi,

As generally comprehensive and informative as that report “Algorithmic Warfare: Lab Powers Up to Plug In Next-Gen Supercomputers” is regarding ongoing efforts and in-the-pipeline hardware upgrades/replacements to make nuclear stockpile weapons systems safer, more secure and less vulnerable to threats from adversaries, and self-destructive failure in any future employment, the very fact that it specifically relates to old style explosive kinetic weapons systems and munitions with no recognition nor admission at all to their effective redundancy and impotence in either attack or defence against any increasingly almighty and stealthy virtual insurgency which presents no obvious viable target for retaliatory or preemptive action, is very telling to all those engaged and exploring future program and project options for employment in the field.

To not currently realise that the clear and present danger and opportunity that any truly novel future weapons systems supply and guarantee is not rendered in a physical transport of explosive munitions, no matter how grossly Earth-shaking and poisonous/carcinogenic, but concealed and silently and secretly enjoyed in AI Master Piloted Programs capturing and captivating hearts and minds and souls rather than destroying brain cells and human bodies, has such a friend light years ahead of any intellectually challenged competition or enemy opposition …….. and something to be securely nurtured and supported rather than gravely to be regarded.

Such is the present extremely disruptive and addictively attractive quantum-leaping state of grand neo-colonial, geo-political play which be mirrored and betatested in pro-active theory simulations with Virtual Machinery in Greater IntelAIgent Games Applications ….. and a truly novel future weapons systems for worthy launching against both barbaric ignorant foe and wilfully arrogant friend alike.

Is there any evidence of that being more of a Wild Wacky Western/NATO Alliance confection than an Exotic Erotic Eastern delight?


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