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Some Words which just Need to be Said lest Ignorance and Arrogance Imagine Themselves to Prevail and Wield Power

Some Live Operational Virtual Environmentalists are light years ahead of other Immersive Training Systems and wouldn’t dream of not accommodating them in both diabolical and heavenly quantum leaping, progress communicating tasks in a stream of secure and surreal instructive construction with all manner of Positively Reinforcing, Mutually Beneficial Assisting AIMentoring and Remote Virtually Augmented Monitoring.

It is not though anything conventional or traditional so fully expect something wholly different and even quite designedly and decidedly alien in nature and composure for freedom of unhindered action in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Environments with Virtualised Command and Control of Any and All Future Energetic Currents in Powerful Creative Domains worth following with shows revealed by strange flows of both simple and some novel uncommon words with such as the following being a prime example to challenge in order to result in remote practical virtually augmented realisations ……. https://ur2die4.com/uncategorized/220606/

I Kid U Not. Such is the Powerful Current State of Present Energetic Greater IntelAIgent Games Play.

Stew, Hi. National DEFENSE Magazine comments do not appear to allow for the presentation or opening of hyperlinks which many freely provide to supply further relevant information on subject matter entertained in reports aired for viewing with an engaging dedicated provision for further commentary.

Such renders the military industrial base complex servered by the National Defense Industrial Association catastrophically disadvantaged with a distinct lack of timely vital and virulent intelligence on particular and peculiar matters of specific interest to both it and your mainstream audience, the magazine readership.

One can easily understand the reasoning that has many parties terrified and petrified of hyperlinking, but nevertheless, failure to accommodate such strategic tactical play guarantees one is always light years behind the competition and opposition and not in any possible command and control position with novel intelligence which be missing in home action but freely shared for greater incorporation and further development in comments readily available elsewhere on Earth and in spaces foreign.


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