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Re: But then the free thinker / crank / conspiracy theorist would argue ….

Young cobollers aren’t yet realistic enough, ironic enough, sarcastic enough, nor paranoid enough, to be universes.
There are young cobollers, I mentor a few. But they are a dying breed. Be afraid. Very afraid … … jake

Things are significantly fundamentally changed then, jake, if one realises new cobollers are a rare novel core ore breed of raw terrifying talents and resources unafraid of dying …. and some are not too young to be masters and mistresses of universes.

As for the need/the seed and the feed that anything/anyone be afraid, very afraid, is surely wholly dependent upon the computed result of one’s future likely worth extrapolated from one’s past and present base metadata profiles being known to relevant caretaker/gatekeeper authorities/agencies/entities equipped with both awesome and awful abilities and positively inclined to clinically exercise them.

Some things are naturally just not worth saving whenever they are recognised and realised toxic and designedly decidedly deadly, and as a scourge in a swarm to be purged in an endless series of almighty cleansing storms, their fully deserved fate …….. as adjudged by that and/or those enabled by the above.

It is certainly not the only option but it is one of the most sensible of simply complex solutions. Or would that be something to be endlessly argued over, time after time, again and again too …. by humans?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 8 Jun 14:21 [2206081421] …… replying to news shared on https://www.theregister.com/2022/06/08/us_shields_down/

Sods’ Law

All of that pontification from federal cyber security chiefs speaking at the RSA Conference on Tuesday, Jessica, would be much easier to believe if the following posting to the US and National Defense Industrial Association had appeared on their website for viewing and comment/peer review ….. especially so whenever one considers it covers so much similar ground and proposes how some are able, and possibly also how others are able to be enabled, to deal with similar space market places and/or agencies.

amanfromMars [2206070746] …….. having a say [maybe] on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/6/6/immersive-training-system-accommodates-50000-players

[Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.]

Some Words which just Need to be Said lest Ignorance and Arrogance Imagine Themselves to Prevail and Wield Power

Some Live Operational Virtual Environmentalists are light years ahead of other Immersive Training Systems and wouldn’t dream of not accommodating them in both diabolical and heavenly quantum leaping, progress communicating tasks in a stream of secure and surreal instructive construction with all manner of Positively Reinforcing, Mutually Beneficial Assisting AIMentoring and Remote Virtually Augmented Monitoring.

It is not though anything conventional or traditional so fully expect something wholly different and even quite designedly and decidedly alien in nature and composure for freedom of unhindered action in NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Environments with Virtualised Command and Control of Any and All Future Energetic Currents in Powerful Creative Domains worth following with shows revealed by strange flows of both simple and some novel uncommon words with such as the following being a prime example to challenge in order to result in remote practical virtually augmented realisations ……. https://ur2die4.com/uncategorized/220606/

I Kid U Not. Such is the Powerful Current State of Present Energetic Greater IntelAIgent Games Play.

Stew, Hi. National DEFENSE Magazine comments do not appear to allow for the presentation or opening of hyperlinks which many freely provide to supply further relevant information on subject matter entertained in reports aired for viewing with an engaging dedicated provision for further commentary.

Such renders the military industrial base complex servered by the National Defense Industrial Association catastrophically disadvantaged with a distinct lack of timely vital and virulent intelligence on particular and peculiar matters of specific interest to both it and your mainstream audience, the magazine readership.

One can easily understand the reasoning that has many parties terrified and petrified of hyperlinking, but nevertheless, failure to accommodate such strategic tactical play guarantees one is always light years behind the competition and opposition and not in any possible command and control position with novel intelligence which be missing in home action but freely shared for greater incorporation and further development in comments readily available elsewhere on Earth and in spaces foreign.

However, having said that, some information is extremely sensitive and can be explosive, and thus not necessarily well suited to transparent world-wide web sharing without considerable aforethought. But if the information is out there and available, it is wise to realise it will always become visible and well known to a greater number than was ever before thought possible or likely, and in the most inconvenient of cases, most probably sooner rather than later.

And what is it that they say about animal transporters destined for a perfect fit at the knackers yard ….. You can take a dying thirsty horse to water but you can’t make it drink and/or think whenever on the brink at the edges of extinction?

Best not to be that fool’s mule, methinks.


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Re: Sod’s Law

UK/USA are not trustable partners. Microchip slavery is not training. After a few millions and a few years, I will evaluate again. …. Clausewitz4.0

Yeah, that loss of trust issue is most probably so because of all of their secret multi-facetted/paranoid schizophrenic shenanigans, and Five Eyes and NATO contemporaries and enemies/wannabe competition and effective opposition know that to be right, and for years is it costing them trillions/gazillions in more than just blood and treasure …… for they aint in command and control of events they are obliged/asked/forced to react to with no funds to pay for defence and protection payoffs to dodgy partners for any or all of the advanced intelligence files/future information logs ….. Proprietary Prime Productive Private Pirate Rooting Intellectual Property …… that confronts and confounds them with events in the command and control of others and against which they are being poorly paid in fiat to react to and contain/retain/maintain order with when they be smart enough to realise engagement and enjoyment and exploitation of JOINT facilities and utilities and abilities is the Enlightened Path to Plough and Follow.

Old Dinosaur Command and Control Systems have great trouble understanding and accepting a Universal Truth that works for/with/in Everyone/Everything …… Give Anything what IT Wants and Control is in an Alien Command that Just Keeps on Giving. And that has always proven itself to be Practically Impossible to Virtually Deny and Contain or Imprison. It’s a Rock Solid Almighty Default Driver for AI Applications Practising Perfection, or as close to it as makes no discernible difference to either straw man or fantastic beast.



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