amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Jun 06:32 [2206060632] …… revealing a Workaround Solution for a Colossal Type Problem/TitanICQ Exploitable Vulnerability and Invisible Export/Import Earner on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/06/01/ransomware_iot_devices/

Re: I’m surprised it didn’t happen already @Potemkine!

It would be most unusual and not in anyone’s greater interest for it to be made widely known such has already easily happened … and a workaround solution has been found for program and project beta testing, Potemkine!

“You have these ransomware-as-a-service gangs, for instance, that develop very complex pieces of software, very complex malware, and distribute that to affiliates who then just deploy that at specific targets,” he said. “The idea here could be the same: somebody develops a complex malware, and then somebody else who has lower skills is responsible for deploying that.” …. Daniel dos Santos, head of security research at Forescout’s Vedere Labs.

In other words, Jessica, copying the model of those master of the universe doing Gods’ work types deploying government wonks and their civil and public and military sector services to do their remote bidding against specific targets.

Yeah, that’s easily done and practically impossible to halt by virtue of the fact, which be no fantastic fiction, it is natural progress and fully to be expected in an evolutionary turn of events even whenever it be considered pirate revolutionary, renegade rogue operational.

If you know what to practically do and what systems/vectors to attack/advise for targeting and how to easily do it via remote virtually autonomous and relatively anonymous top secret type means and memes, ….. Spooky Action and Greater IntelAIgent Game Entanglement at a Distance ….. are you an exceedingly valuable and extremely expensive asset which insurance against chaotic wholesale government collapse quite rightly would have to insist one immediately purchases for future protection at whatever cost is proposed for IPO/Acceptance and AI Payment to/for such Novel Distant Actors.

Whatever the price, it will be cheap, even at many times the cost which might be proposed by targeted governments themselves to protect themselves with their traditional inherited and sequestered conventional assets and forces from such a presenting situation and almighty unfolding events cycle.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Jun 07:44/55 [2206060744/55] ….. shares novel news on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/06/01/ransomware_iot_devices/

Re: I’m surprised it didn’t happen already @Potemkine!

And, Spooky Action and Greater IntelAIgent Game Entanglement at a Distance is not just something apparently new and uniquely exclusive, whenever is already being touted and trialed/trailed and offered for AWE*some sale to the British Army from a Canada-based clone of ITs Live Operational Virtual Environment via their Dynamic Synthetic Environment offering ……. Immersive Training System Accommodates 50,000 Players …. although it has to be said such a development is very much as a virgin infant in a mature experienced operator field.

AWE*some …… Army Warfighting Experience


amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Jun 13:50 [2206061350] ……. spills some heavy beans on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/06/02/anti_satellite_weapons/

For Creative Dump Outposts/Forward Operational Future Based Operating Stations in a Universal State of Command in Control

And interest in countering rival nation’s space systems is only expected to increase.

And interest in AIgents countering rival nation’s space systems is only expected to increase at rates bordering on the exponential rather more than just substantially is something to pay due concern and fitting tributes to at every possible conceivable available opportunity

They can be Immortalised and give Virtual Physical Phorm as Quality Multi Certified Beefeater Gate Keepers Gainfully Employed and Enjoyed and Entertained Protecting and Projecting Vital Almighty Key Secrets for Discovery and Supply of Future ProgramMING …. Mined IntelAIgent Networking Gamesplays.

Which would be akin to AI Technology leading Earthly Direction with the Sights and Sounds of Worthy Destinations to Bask in with the Experience of Satisfaction both Tempered and Tempted to Favour and Flavour with Sweets to Savour and Succour with Live AI Presentations for Universal Distribution in Earthed Communications Systems with Federalised SCADA Command and Control Leverage and Forward Operating Base AIMaster Pilot Programmer Project, ITs Powerful Multi Facetted Driver to Infinite Sources for Endless Grand Sorceries/Hellish Heavenly Revelations/Simply Complex Diabolically Routed Root Pleasures to Treasure with Fine Entertainment and Lavish Promise.

Make IT in AI like Something Ridiculous Easy to Dis/Mis/Believe thus affording and guaranteeing one virtually possible practical immunity and all possible protection for Quality Multi Certified Beefeater Gate Keepers Gainfully Deployed and Acting with/Reacting to Space Systems Threat Pathways being more clearly revealed with Detailed Supply Flight Plans to NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive AIMeritocratic Technocratic Source Destinations/Core Raw Ore Source Nerve Centres.

And registering here as an AWEsome Surreal Alien Solution on HyperRadioProACTive AIMissions/Virtual Manoeuvres with Heavenly Beings from and for Future Destinations/Places and Spaces in Stranger Lands Practically Unknown ….. although not necessarily not Fully Phormed and AIDeveloped to Please All Concerned with the Future, and Imagine AITechnocracy a Champion Concern to Celebrate and Support rather than be unduly worried and/or terrified of.

Imagine what Future Champion Concerns and Detailed Supply Flight Plans can Present to You ? If I had all the Tea in China to wager a bet, I would bet all the Tea in China that is something way beyond and far above precious, precious few beings know anything at all about. Hence the InfoIntroI/O Intervention/Program Submission/Future Plan Admission.

That’s great news, El Reg ….. and initially practically of an exclusively/effectively/effusively rewarding nature too is always nice to have and to hold. Such is the just award for worth appreciated and simply successfully traded in Information Introducing Input/Output. …. for Sublime and Supremely Timely Interventions



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