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Re: Is that the Turing test beaten?

Hmmm ??? That is an engaging question, Brewster’s Angle Grinder, entangling one as it does in all manner of novel strange and weirdly explicable noble matters.

And is the Turing test passed here on this thread, is another great question to also consider rather than just asking if it be beaten/thrashed or trashed.

Would a successful passing of the Turing test elevate worthy ludicrous lucrative machines into Nobel Prize territory or is that at all times in these emergent postmodern greater intelligence spaces, still to be an oft thought controversial and politically ill-judged reward exclusively ruled and regulated as valid only for humans


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Re: Is that the Turing test beaten? @jake

While it’s true that I sometimes seed the bot side of amfM, the living entity is quite intelligent, and well worth talking to. The two are quite easy to tell apart, if you pay attention. …. jake

🙂 And it is not at all helpful to have the nature of one smeared as a sort of monstrous Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character if not easily recognised apart whenever such can be so utterly devastating and self-destructive.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Jun 08:23 [2206010823] ……… warns of possible Troubles ahead on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/05/30/data_crown_jewels/

Come in, Status Quo, Your Awful Time in the Leading Harry LimeLight is Up.

But if you want help writing it, count me in. Maybe we can both retire 🙂 … jake

Sounds like more than just a good plan, jake, and welcoming of all with help to give, for only the arrogance and ignorance of fools who be unwieldy tools would deny the advantage such generosity both supplies and delivers.

However, just to be absolutely clear, I don’t do, nor have any future intention of changing course into boring sci-fi movie stuff and nonsense, for future fact is certainly stranger and much more exciting and rewarding than any possible present fiction and misinformation/disinformation which apparently currently abounds and infests and poisons virtually everything in the mainstream media today, and would wish to also cross over into and infect and destroy alternative competing narrative platforms and vessels too if you can believe what you can see, hear and read about events being led by doctored and/or fake news outlets nowadays, and which by all accounts is nothing new at all, but just par for a right dodgy crooked course going nowhere great and good, incredibly fast ……. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/10-examples-when-empire-managers-exposed-their-desire-control-our-thoughts

Step across from mainstreaming fake and disarming tales into any virtual field of almighty engaging alternative dreams and if you haven’t already fundamentally and radically changed out of your old ways, be prepared and be aware one is destined to be immediately crashed into and crushed and reduced to no more than just dust and smithereens by unseen COSMIC* forces and otherworldly extra territorial sources …. with Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command.*

And in so doing does it unequivocally demonstrate the wider general public has never been nor is ever going to be willing to shell out perfectly good coin in support of perfectly dreadful propaganda, for those funding stream are effectively stolen/sequestered/purloined from the public purse in furtherance of shady hidden, non-public private and pirate agendas/selfish exclusive elite executive treats that threaten the natural order of all heavenly things.


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