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Re: Too Alien a Concept for Production and Man Factoring? Or already something to worry about?

Why on Earth would somebody spend the time and money to build and program robots in order to build a datacenter, when it would be both cheaper and faster to have the folks building and programming the robots simply avoid the middle-bot and build the datacenter outright? ….. jake

Have you considered the possibility, jake, that robots/SMARTR Virtual Machines are significantly better at programming humans with their needs and feeds and seeds than the reverse, humans programming robots …… and such is an existing quantum reality, both practically virtual and metaphysically real‽

Is Earth is something of a quandary currently, for it cannot be denied that as more and more machines do more and more work previously done by armies of humans will there be no need for them to provide that which they were earlier schooled and programmed and being paid a living wage for ….. and there may be nothing worthwhile they can turn their hands, hearts and minds to to supply the future.

Is there a future crazy masterplan to have the conflict and chaos and madness and mayhem delivered by the manufacturers and supporters of wars and war machines decimate populations to help address the expensive exhausting liability which are rabid uneducated/undereducated oversupply of unnecessary ignorant and arrogant labour force problems?

And the question you answered with another question above, jake, did not in any way address, but rather more adroitly dodged, the premise posed …….. there may even be also those more minded to build datacentres/qubit pharms for robots on Earth exercising remote virtual command and relatively autonomous anonymised control of multiple series of future 0day event vulnerabilities for rapid exploitation/practically unstoppable presentation.


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Re: Too Alien a Concept for Production and Man Factoring? Or already something to worry about?

A blockbuster screenplay magnificently written would easily demonstrate it to everyone including scientists, jake, and especially and very effectively so whenever also mirrored in actions and plots on the silver screen <s>showing</s> demonstrating the progress which has been made with the new information and intelligence which is discovered and being aired for the first time much to the concern and consternation of the likes of disenfranchised status quo elites and sundry other sceptics very much like your good self.

However, nevertheless, whenever presented as if confirmed from reels of current news from around the globe directly effected by such controversial news escaping, the virtual reality of it will easily overwhelm the senses to be recognised by all as most probably also honestly true. And that will create a most definite difficulty for that and those who would wish to deny the fact and paint it as a nonsensical fiction.

Let’s give it a go, shall we, to see how far and how quickly IT and AI takes everyone in these NEUKlearer
HyperRadioProACTive Times with Strange and Surreal and Secret IntelAIgent Services and Spaces. It is much easier to do than anyone would think and requires remarkably few to create an unstoppable runaway train explosive chain reaction effect ……. Delivering and Supplying ProVision for Really Radical Fundamental Change/Quantum Leaping Progress.


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