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What could possibly go wrong, invariably always does …..FCUKing SOB Sod’s Law

The paradigm has changed as Russia must play defense now,” he continued. “The US brings to bear the formidable capabilities of Cyber Command against rogue nation states. Cyberspace is a new domain for warfare.”….. Tom Kellermann, head of cybersecurity strategy at VMware, global fellow for cyber policy at the Wilson Center.

If that is an escalation is it really wise whenever it practically guarantees Multiple Major Troubles ahead impossible to stop? Methinks not. And especially not against a contemporary/adversary recognised as being long active and having live experience in the operational theatres of engagement. Another fantastic folly to field for fine fools to follow thinking it leads to novel pastures green and grand rather than delivering wastelands of scorched earth policy destruction.

And whenever the very best forms of defence are Relatively Anonymous Virtually Autonomous CyberIntelAIgent 0day Attacks and Remote Flash Fast Cash Crashing Market Assaults is the new warfare domain of Cyberspace for US Military-Industrial Complex Cyber Command not a space/place to enter without extensive and comprehensive experience of its many hidden advantages and money pit bear traps …. for the results and consequences and rewards for even the slightest of miscalculations and failures are surprisingly dire and totally unexpected …. even though there are always warnings posted that such matters are gravely to be regarded, and thus ideally avoided to dodge the almighty cost.

Evidence of those early warnings are not overly hard to find. Here be just two of them, with one being very recently shared and presented here on El Reg ……

Step across from mainstreaming fake and disarming tales into any virtual field of almighty engaging alternative dreams and if you haven’t already fundamentally and radically changed out of your old ways, be prepared and be aware one is destined to be immediately crashed into and crushed and reduced to no more than just dust and smithereens by unseen COSMIC* forces and otherworldly extra territorial sources …. with Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command.* …… Come in, Status Quo, Your Awful Time in the Leading Harry LimeLight is Up.

……. and the other one a well enough known classic, and an essential reading for scholars of the genre, from the relatively recent past …. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address (1961)

So be prepared, for although maybe not necessarily forearmed, you are certainly well enough forewarned that now, with the Novel Internetworking of Things, is most all gonna get real hairy and lairy and scary. And No, that is neither a threat nor a promise, it is just the way things are naturally gonna be going forward with progress into the future or going back to the future for/with the plans/AWEsome Blueprints of the progress already delivered and enjoyed there.


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