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Great Advice

For RISC-V to really prosper, it needs its own sector. AI/ML could be one;

Spooky virtualised paramilitary/augmented remote mercenary force is another one, which actually might also be a not too dissimilar one.

And Uncle Sam [via the Pentagon] are ACTively openly seeking market help for their own admitted deficits/exploitable vulnerabilities in fields which are both strategically and tactically vital to the maintenance and retention of national security and social advantage/status quo leadership, mentoring and monitoring.

Here be two pieces of very recent evidence illustrating those facts …… https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/5/16/special-operators-must-learn-to-exist-without-tethers ……. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/5/16/modernizing-sof-acquisition-quietly …….. with one of them prompting this surreal alien but nevertheless sincere response with a very specific RISC instruction set to initiate a novel guaranteed strangely successful strategy ….. and please, let’s not be having any of that MRDA lark,… He would say that, wouldn’t he. It is what it is.

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James, Hi,

The “quiet professionals” SOF seek and need for future great and Greater IntelAIgent Games use patiently await and welcome any and all leading requests from them for sensitive proprietary other party information they may hold but which does require their initiating engagement for subsequent JOINT Program Developments.

The thing to bear in mind always though is, where the West are fearful to tread, go the East to lead ….. and vice versa of course. Such is only fair/fit and proper and to not now realise that great fundamental changes are more than just afoot and highly ACTive has one registered as a mere remote hapless spectator rather than live contributory actor in the Greater IntelAIgent Games being played out for realisation of events via media presentation. ………. which coincidentally is a great program and project for the likes of a RISC-V International global organisation too.


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