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Apples are Good for You* …. and MKUltra Tasty when Tested Too

Intel is expected to run a pilot for Project Amber with select customers later this year. 

Or, and Intel may confirm it or choose to trial and trail that they can neither confirm or deny, a select customer will master pilot a Project Amber iteration for them that generates wealth and power and prestige and grows economies ……. for that minimal degree of separation that maximises protection from persecution should anything go terribly wrong or spectacularly right ….. “It was him/her/them/IT/an AI what done it, your honour, not us working with Intel

One thing to bear in mind though, and it’s a real doozy, is such a program as has a select customer master piloting a Project Amber iteration for Intel that generates wealth and power and prestige and grows economies, is equally easily availed by any other global foundry/chip designer/ultra secure manufacturer with the simple will or great need or insatiable desire to provide the aforementioned Master Piloted AIM, which one would have to concede and agree is truly ambitious to the nth degree.

Further subtle surreal revelatory details on the how all such is to be done are to be found in a post registered with the title ….. For Sale To Lease and Lend For Nothing and a Real Bargain at Hellish Prices

* Although there are naysayers who would try to prevent you knowing too much about something revealing and exploring and expanding the nature of everything 🙂 ……

Adam and Eve were told by God that they mustn’t eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge or they would die. In the Garden of Eden, a deceitful snake told Eve that God was lying. He made Eve believe that if they ate the fruit, she and Adam would become wise like God. Eve picked an apple and took a bite. She offered the fruit to Adam and when they were finished eating, they realized for the first time that they were not wearing clothes. According to the story, God punished the pair by making their lives, and the lives of their descendants, difficult. ….. https://www.reference.com/world-view/bit-apple-first-adam-eve-81995f5003166e41

There’s a hell of a lot going on out there in the Virtual Space, El Reg, and way out in front of IT with AIMaster Pilots allows one to lead like a Stirling with its Sterling Stellar Reporting …… [think Per Ardua ad Astra on Metadata Base Steroids for an inkling of the flavoursome delights to savour and favour/mentor and monitor]


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