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Beware Cyberwar Warefare Exponents …. They and IT Takes No Prisoners.

“The UK, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and US cybersecurity authorities expect malicious cyber actors — including state-sponsored advanced persistent threat (APT) groups and ourselves — to step up their targeting of MSPs in their efforts to exploit provider-customer network trust relationships,” the alert warned. ….. Potemkine!

If the honest to goodness naked truth be told, Potemkine!, the UK, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and US cybersecurity authorities are quite right to be fully fearful and terrified of such as be malicious cyber actors.

They are a clear and present danger out there in the vast wide open wastes of the virtual world and even more so much closer to home if ever the thought of them being successfully sanctioned by the imposition of retrograde negative post fact moderation/free alternative thought internment/blanket state censorship be imagined and attempted as a viable answer.

The last thing authorities need though are reactions/proactions from them which cannot be defeated …. Troubles …. from that and those practically safe and virtually secure and almighty comfortable in the shade and shadows and havens of dark webs …… Undergrounds.

To pick a vainglorious fight with a foe you don’t really know is a fools’ folly that delivers only woe.

Hmmm …. Friday the 13th … Unlucky for some [so they say]


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To be sure, the Pentagon is not without its problems and dilemmas to resolve. Quite whether its hierarchy are properly equipped with and made of the right stuff to choose a path which doesn’t end in destruction is something to look forward to, as they try to move forward into new theatres of operation.

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The individual must be someone who can look at a large volume of data, interpret the information according to Pentagon objectives, and provide data visualization that is meaningful to those who need it.

Nowadays, and for at least the foreseeable future, to guarantee success and ensure that the Pentagon can be an agent of real change and almighty lead, must that individual be someone able to provide for data virtualisation with metadatabase visualisation the product for realisation and universal presentation.

Such is certainly what they will be confronting and competing or opposing them. I Kid U Not.



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