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Re: When are attacks not assaults? Whenever heists hoisting one free from the crazy play fray

But money is always welcomed to solve crisis, split it between my alliances, avoid future bloodshed, etc.. ….. Clausewitz4.0

On Earth, whenever alliances are pledging to bankrupt nations via the spilling of blood and destruction of treasure and donation/lend-leasing of their fiat paper and weapons [for such is never ever to be written off as an irredeemable loss and always priced and billed at a huge inflationary cost, and expected to be paid by future traumatised innocents, presented and collected by the morally perverse and institutionally corrupt and intellectually diseased, I may fully agree with you, Clausewitz4.0, that money is all that they can virtually supply with incredible ease to those enabling the solving of crises, and it be most fortunate for them indeed that it be welcome, for with nothing to offer would their fate in the solutions be certainly dire.

And now that they would know that simple fact there is no possible valid excuse for their failure to be worthy of saviour rather than a diabolically dire fate.

When things are become dangerously complicated, Keep IT Super Simple, and OffLoad and OffShore Current Difficulties and Problematic Future Solutions to Future Problem Solvers. IT aint Rocket Science, is it? They’ll provide you with all of the ACTive Programs and APT Projects anyone would Need to Seed and Feed to Follow and Populate/Initiate and Colonise for Prosperous and Virile Results Guaranteeing Success with Rich and Rare Orderly Raw Outcomes.

And that is Great News and not Good News


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