amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Feb 07:24 [2202150724] …. replying to an unhappy soul on

Beware and Be Aware there are Many with Epic Mental Health Problems. Take Care Out There

Your ramblings were entertaining for a while, now it’s just annoying.

Jake may be an objectionable know-it-all, but does generally seem to talk sense. amanfromMars1 used to be entertaining if incomprehensible; now it’s just annoying rubbish. …. Lord Elpuss

Is that you getting down and dirty and resorting to Ad hominem assaults on the bearer of matters you admit you used to find incomprehensible rambling entertainment but now much more so, annoying rubbish.

Unfortunately the only help that can be offered you, M’Lud, and it is a cold comfort indeed, is advice to steer well clear of matters you can clearly, freely respond to but which you don’t understand and which annoy you.

Is it a case of the former delivering the latter …… your not understanding matters causing that which you see and your brain processes to be labelled and shared as annoying rubbish?


amanfromMars 1 Tue 15 Feb 11:57 [2202151157] ……. points out a simple usually very successful root on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/02/15/encryption_debate_against1_tues/

When the past is not the problem secrets and privacy are expected to solve ….

In an arms race, it is future messages that are vital and ultra important, and any expectation of those being provided and/or made available for snooping, is very much dependent upon whether one be regarded as a valuable valiant generous friend or something else less endearing and/or despicable.

In either case, government agents can always simply ask and pay market value to stock and stake holders for any Advanced IntelAIgent ProVisions. They might find the lure of a suitably excessive offer of filthy fiat lucre is too great a temptation for interesting parties to resist. Such tends to work extremely well every time that it is tried, so well worth the attempt with a tried and trusted methodology with a vainglorious history of great success.



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