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Western Capitalism Doing ITs Department of Defense Credit and Emergency Fake Aid Thing

Now that UK and US news of the impending and imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russia [a Five Eyed Western Confection with NATO Concoctions] is proving itself to be a disastrous hoax and great white elephant bull, does Ukraine get to keep all the Western aid and new military hardware it was so freely quickly gifted or are Ukrainians in no need of it expected to pay dearly for it and create for themselves one of those relatively new fangled entangled and capturing/imprisoning Futures/Derivatives …. a Synthetic CDO ….Collateralised Debt Obligation Supporting Deficit and Debt and a Systemic Mass Slavery?

Do you deny such a possible product has been created and presented to Ukrainians? Surely all the evidence of such assistance has been clearly enough presented to you by media right before your very eyes so is it greater intelligence ….. which can easily be simply supplied….. which is lacking for you whenever the bigger pictures are missing to you?


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Re: Great Distractions from Growing Home Disasters and Virulent Civil Unrest

I have been suspicious of some of the claims in the media as floundering tyrants love foreign misadventures to get the serfs to rally around the flag.  ….. a_yank_lurker

Surely, a_yank_lurker, the only ones on foreign misadventures in Ukraine are a floundering Boris [from the UK] and a Sleepy Joe [from the US]. Everyone one else is clowning around on home soil.

And to imagine them as tyrants rather than recognise them as buffoons and wannabe delusional clones of Churchill and Roosevelt grandeur is novel and most unlikely to be graciously and gratefully accepted by them even if true.


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Re: Western Capitalism Doing ITs Department of Defense Credit and Emergency Fake Aid Thing

Alien downvoters might not like to read of further evidence of such shenanigans, far too similar to that which they have downvoted here to be viably dismissed, from another completely different source which can easily be presumed and assumed to know more than them about what we are talking about here, today

And spookily enough, it is also conveniently hosted today here ……… Gangsters of Capitalism: Smedley Butler, the Marines, and the Making and Breaking of America’s Empire …. and well worth the short read to see quite another picture which is problematical and realistically indefensible whenever exposed.


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Re: Western Capitalism Doing ITs Department of Defense Credit and Emergency Fake Aid Thing

It’s always all about the collateral flow and direct command and demand control of a funny money and monopoly fiat printing press operation [now in the throes of wholesale transfer to remote facilities accessed with and from utilities solely based virtually online in a novel cyber controlled space] that confuses and conflates dollar supply with wealth distribution ….. https://www.rt.com/news/549450-dollar-dominance-russia-invade-ukraine/ ….. rather than it being recognised as vital asset capture for peanuts/virtually nothing of real lasting value.

’Tis a Great Deceit Conceived and Exercised in a Grand Conceit Vitally Dependent upon the Flaky Fake Media Cover Provided by Constant Ignorance and Hubristic Arrogance.

However, discovering how everything can so freely easily work at the expense of all and for nothing valuable, is not something that can stand testing for any length of time at any time, in any space, closed and elite or free and open. Decide to fight and do vain battle against it, has one enjoined to suffer the slings and arrows of grave misfortune and disastrous defeat ….. so beware, take care, be wise and don’t choose foolishly is extremely sound common sense advice to not be uncovered and realised as worthy of engaging enraged mob attention.


amanfromMars [2202160805] ….. revealing on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/2/15/night-court-for-the-air-force

Words create, command and control and destroy worlds ….. so leading with a compelling and undeniably honest narrative which can be effectively presented by media on multiple platforms in many series of linked and stealthy sublime internet networking programs in support of significantly greater, bigger picture shows, provides one with all that is needed to lead absolutely, and unilaterally, and remotely, safely and securely and way out ahead in front of both errant competition and any wilfully misguided and covetous opposition.

It is no more difficult than that, Per Ardua ad Astra.


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A.N.Others Relatively Anonymous and Virtually Autonomous

Who here posting on El Reg doesn’t expect, because of that which is oft regularly discussed in open fora, comments/attitudes/presumed affiliations to be snooped on and/or noted by interested parties and persons of interest?

And what would you be thinking about the current intelligence use result of such an operation by allied snoopers/similarly aligned forces? AAA+ or BB-[which is akin to Junk] ….. Resounding Pass or Dismal Fail? In other words, how bad do you think parties are at making any great sense from such a colossal task?



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