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A few questions to ask yourself …. *

Sometimes it might be important to step back from an ad hominem attack and realise that all Ministers, from all governments, all of the time, take advice from their expert advisory bodies. ….. gerryg

That is as may be, gerryg, but they are not obliged to ensure such expert third party body advice is taken. Many a minister and government has fallen because the brown envelope lure of a golden future handshake and some/as much flash fast cash as it takes was too attractive a proposal to dismiss and deny.

Haven’t you seen/heard the news? Don’t you realise yet? Government is political and not social or sociable and politics is ripe rotten and easily prone to corruption and perversion at its every core with vulnerabilities for exploitation also around every edge and via the subversive dark pooled hedges betting against both sides of an argument winning to lose.

What FUD SNAFUBAR did they pimp/pump and dump on you this week? Was it good? Did you enjoy any of it even just a little bit?

Or was It’s Good News Week a continuing disaster of doom and gloom with increasing depression and rising inflation leading to massive despair and colossal deflationary spirals in out of order market control controlling events?

* …. How do you like the answers?



amanfromMars [2111170650] …… being a tad disagreeable on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2021-11-16/wanted-covert-operative-20-years-clandestine-experience

The CIA can’t simply post an ad on Craigslist and say “Wanted: Covert Operative with 20+ years of Clandestine Experience”.

Actually, they can/could, if they wanted to, for who/what would step in to stop them if it was decided a very good idea in/for a national emergency.

It really would be that simple.

Some folk might mistake it and consider it as a spoof but those taking a quantum leap and replying in good faith and identifying themselves with the right qualities and/or credentials will know quite different ……. and the process is an alarmingly different way of ensuring a degree of government security in the trawling for new raw and rare star assets outside of the normal bounds that limit entry to the cores and corps servering intelligence and maintaining future vigilance, which whenever so bound and stovepiped cannot fail but to continually deliver petrified stagnant activity.

What say y’all? Does it not make perfect common sense … to widen and more fully open the capturing net whenever it is so easily done so stealthily?



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