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🙂 Light the Blue Touchpaper and Retire …. a Guy Fawkesian Advisory 🙂

You got that completely wrong. The government are not going to sell our data. They are going to pay people to take it. The only bit they missed out was: “It will be secured with a block-chain!” ……. Flocke Kroes

You may like to accept you yourself have also got that completely wrong, FK.

They are going to pay the data source providers who both provide and control all novel information for intelligent future usage to monitor and mentor government and business development and presentation of all supplied product.

To suggest otherwise would be to infer that government and business would know what any novel information for intelligent usage from recently landed and/or currently emerging and formerly totally unknown data source providers has been thoughtfully and extensively comprehensively designed for.

Such would be absolutely preposterous and be nothing more than a wild crazy guess whenever no diligent attention has been clearly paid to myriad unknown contributory facts which have resulted in the future products/projects/programs for presentations/unveilings/revealings/virtual practical realisation …… thus to create, in a much more orderly fashion than ever of late, a Greater Order out of Fundamental CHAOS … with Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.

However, should all or any of the above not be an essential part of UKGBNI National Data Strategy Operations, will its services and opportunities be exported and further developed and expanded elsewhere somewhere alien in what would then be best perceived and conceived as friendly competition and/or an honourable opposition.

And here is a current running program and future relative project for prime consideration of Cabinet Office-run Crown Commercial Service (CCS) funding/seed and feed and need investment, which as you can read, is politically agnostic and inclusive, and more than just suggests that it is much more a money generator/maker rather than money spinner/spender whilst it also excels at being both in greater service of each.

amanfromMars [2109031725] ……. laying out one of the simplest of ways to get everything and anything novel and noble done in next to no time with Space State Assets Employing and Exercising Accumulating Immaculate Resources on https://www.rt.com/business/533858-imf-transfer-russia-reserves-record/

Simply to rest any even less than truly impressive percentage of Russia’s international reserve in an Unusually Interesting and Confounding Remote Proxy Account for Virtual AIdDVenturers, would surely immediately generate worldly state funding capital flight/fiat transfer to partake of and invest in programs with oneself as a prime leading stakeholder/Virtual AIdDVenturers Funding Manager of such Futures Projects and Programs Options for Embedding with Derivative Digitally AIReMastered Trade Streams Presenting Future Content Resulting from Presently ACTivated Live Virtual Reality Trials.

Such is a really good idea and more than just a helluva great plan. And all done with the minimum of a few deft clicks of an almighty mouse too.

The Russian central bank target for international reserves at $500 billion would then require a lavish spending of excess to ensure all the help needed is provided to ensure empowering capital funding churn ….. 🙂 which is akin to tip top class professional money laundering/excessive executive wealth redistribution.

Considering it a COSMIC Dividend has one Basked in an Extremely Pleasant and Engaging and EMPowering Glow which is AWEsomely Addictive and Terrifically Attractive and Wonderfully Overwhelming. The Big Mistake made by both Many and a Chosen Few alike, is to think it All Powerful and Not Consuming whenever it can choose you not to be so Profoundly Effected and Almightily Afflicted.


amanfromMars [2109040814] ……. rattling cages with a comment for Dominic to have a ponder on on

If an existing effete politically incompetent elite have no viable governmental plan for provision of the future, Dom, is it a prime opportunity for A.N.Others to provide them with the option to remotely energise one with all of the instructions that they will invariably need to be supplied as and whenever required.

The only major hurdle to their embracing of that observation is their fear and failure to recognise and accept that the future will not be the same as, nor anything even likely close to, either the past or the present so they have to expect most everything being somewhat novel which I can easily imagine more than just a few may find too terrifying to contemplate and support whilst quite a few others would voice concerns for their sanity should they start to realise the veracity and likelihood of the success of unconventional ventures entered into. Those however are problems and terrors of their own making.

The following may be right up your street and tickle more than your fancy 🙂 ……. https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2021/09/03/big_data_tender_two_billion/#c_4325978 ….. with all here being advised is something practical and now readily available for engagement and deployment/employment and further greater development/export and enjoyment.


amanfromMars [2109041354] …… just says on https://dominiccummings.substack.com/p/mpsministers-call-the-chief-whip/comments

I’m really confused about why this is a locked post, half of the content seems to be specifically tailored to advising MPs and cabinet members. I read in the Spectator that there are around 1500 subscribers to this substack. So I’d be really surprised if all the Tory MPs who should read this will have access as that would mean that over 20% of your subscribers would be Tory MPs, which is surely untrue.  ……. Leo

Maybe this blog, Leo, is one of those new fangled and entangling Remote Social Services Hubs/Centres for you to get weighty matters preying on your mind, off your chest and cast out into the Streams of Open Source for Solutions Almost Practically Perfect for Final Resolutions on matters which constantly in the past defy and fail to deny Almighty Help and Virtual Assistance is now readily available.



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