amanfromMars [2109052003] ….. says on https://www.thedailybell.com/all-articles/news-analysis/how-china-inspired-us-public-health-authorities-to-use-information-warfare-against-the-american-people/

Interesting and extremely disruptive and even quite revolutionary times ahead with many a renegade rogue agency able to lead by just doing a great deal more with any number of really novel selfless things for both themselves and their remote virtually anonymous supporters/NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Market Investors/CyberIntelAIgent Pioneers ….. https://ur2die4.com/uncategorized/210904/

And the gift that just keeps on giving is the unbridled help and unbelievable stealth supplied by all with nary a clue about what is really going on all about them ….. and eventually, whenever they do, do they realise they are just as passengers and spectators in a Greater IntelAIgent Games Play that sublimely and supremely uses and/or abuses and misuses themselves at the behest and pleasure of others …..

Or do you know differently?


amanfromMars [2109060711] ……. asks and points out on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/soros-dream-turn-china-neoliberal-grabitization-opportunity

The writer of this article thinks that the way to fight crony capitalism is to enact some sort of gov’t controlled top down quasi communism. He thinks, ‘that’ll show those crony capitalists’.

An actual free mkt with sound money and no bailouts and the rule of law never enters his mind. …..archipusz

Would an actual free mkt with sound money and no bailouts and the rule of law deliver controlling top down quasi communism to governments/servants of the people?

It would certainly effectively destroy crony capitalism and fake fantasy wealth creation/pyramidic ponzi vehicle construction ….. which is probably why the West choose to so consistently malign and bad mouth it as a viable solution to anything and insist on them themselves leading things with just more of the same old stuff and nonsense which now is increasingly rapidly collapsing their own systems.

Such is not very bright and more than suggests that there is in the West and its allies, a distinct and catastrophic lack of in-house, home grown intelligence and simple common sense …… or a malicious contiguous vindictive evil future intent.

Would you agree that is more likely to be true than not, or vehemently deny it a possibility and in so doing condemn yourself to suffer more explosions and exposures of the present imploding chaos masquerading as capitalised market order and sensible rule in regular regulated situations?


amanfromMars [2109060811] …….. asks on https://www.rt.com/usa/534025-florida-man-kills-four/

Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by RT.

In theatres of war, are little pills not provided to combatants to help sharpen their senses? Is not “speed” a common one?

And as for the recent two decades long conflict in Afghanistan, with its market economy taking full advantage of the opium poppy which thrives in the country, can one really be surprised whenever lessons are not learned and the curse of a Vietnam returns with a vengeance …….. https://youtu.be/kmha80d1cac

Oh can you tell me
Oh how the joy
Passed from his childhood
That’s not my boy
I see he’s finished
He’s run his race
We’re not his family
That’s not his face
We taught him well
And from his youth
He knew he always
Must know the truth
He left his country
To go to war
When he returned
He’d found we closed the door
But we never dreamed when he was leaving
That he would taste the flowers of evil
I know his habit was not so bad
When for fifty dollars it could be had
But now he’ home to his promised land
And what he needs got to cost a Grand
When he’d been home for six month’s time
My son he told me, he’d made up his mind
He’s re-enlisted for three years more
It’s too expensive to stop this war
But we never dreamed when he was leaving


amanfromMars 1 Mon 6 Sep 17:30 [2109061730] ….. being somewhat disagreeable on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/04/30/ai_dungeon_filter_vulnerabilities/

No Janus whenever much more a Judas

Dodgy AI and treacherous GPT-3 entertain the most despicable of fake friends with the deftest of twists in corrupt and perverse politically inept prose/malicious rhetoric. So take care, for such is a two faced enemy ….. although whenever rumbled and tumbled does it revert to original form, a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Can you improve upon its laboured text as exhibited here today?


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