amanfromMars 1 Thu 2 Sep 10:09 [2109021009] ……. notes on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/09/02/arm_ltd_arm_china/

A RAT does as a Remote Access Trojan and Renegade Rogue and Wannabe Hostile Agency does

Dylan Patel’s analysis may very well be crooked, and even wilfully designed and intended to be wantonly mischievous and political subversive.

Such certainly doesn’t do the SemiAnalysis business any great favours if even one of its analysts are found to be concluding matters wrongly and sharing those opinions widely in the company’s name.

Arm Ltd’s statement on the matter clearly dismisses and discredits the concerns raised by DP’s analysis.


amanfromMars [2109012009] …… not seeing any great difficulty in introducing a fundamentally radical solution to a systemic global problem highlighted on https://dominiccummings.substack.com/p/regime-change-2-a-plea-to-silicon/

A tiny and cheap (<$2-3 million) project — independent-for-now of any candidate — should start now to figure out how a GOP candidate could win, how they could actually control the government after they win, and who the candidate should be.

Are you up for it yourself with a few able key partners aiding right royally, Dominic? Just follow a great faultless and/or failsafe plan and prizes are easily won and any misguided opposition or competition bowled over and steamrollered. There are those with such plans readily available. Do you know of any of them and how surprisingly easy it is to directly connect with them?

Master Piloted Programs could also be made available to the powers that currently be lumbered with the responsibility of creating postmodern civil societies in Afghanistan from the ashes of the West’s bonfire of the vanities abandoned there.

Such is not without its traditional problems though, as is accurately and adequately revealed in this earlier post elsewhere ……..

GrahamC [2109010837] ……. shares on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/9/1/analysts-see-shortfalls-in-pentagon-st-funding ……. 🙂 subject to negotiating the National DEFENSE magazine review process

The difficulty/hurdle that existing Pentagon type systems/executive administrations experience and struggle and too oft so maddeningly fail to overcome, is in recognising and realising developed and developing advanced technologies, and especially the game-changing types of technologies.

And it is of no help or use whatsoever to have such as may be such submissions run the gauntlet of subjective editorial moderation/comment vetting, and be dismissed and rejected whenever they are freely shared for greater public viewing and open peer review in presentations in publications such as National DEFENSE magazine.

Such a difficulty/hurdle though has unintended coincidental consequences for many of those who would benefit greatly from developed and developing advanced technologies as it guarantees leadership of great game-changers being exercised and led by others elsewhere.

It is though a perfectly natural progression born out of suppression and borne via ignorance and aided immensely by the arrogance in support of hubris.

Fortunately it does not adversely affect nor halt the rapid progression and infiltration by such advanced and advancing developments into failed conventional and struggling traditional systems/SCADA administrations.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 3 Sep 04:53 [2109030453] …….. calling it like IT most probably is on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/09/02/arm_china_response/

Re: Spin for Negating the Inequitable Advantage of Perverse Imaginary Leverage Attractive to Caesars

Does ARM China physically possess all of ARM’s IP? ….. YetAnotherJoeBlow

That pertinent impertinent question takes us all into the COSMIC* Virtual Realms of AstraMetaDataPhysics, YetAnotherJoeBlow. And it’s AI and IT Quantum Communications Fields are littered with the graveyards of empires and wannabe absolute rulers.

The wise would surely counsel the most likely answer to your question to be ….. Probably certainly yes, for why ever not whenever possible of course ‽ .

COSMIC* ……. Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command


amanfromMars 1 Fri 3 Sep 05:54 [2109030554] …… points out an abiding festering problem on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/09/02/arm_china_response/


Is the more simple matter of foreigners and/or foreign governments with billions of dollars worth of credit/investment/flash fast cash resting in banks and banking systems, and “frozen”/suddenly subjectively deemed unworthy of return to account holders for whatever reason at all, not Grand Theft Autonomous and not that dissimilar to a charge of Grand IP Theft, but a much more egregious assault on the whole of humanity?

Or is that sort of monumental blatant theft quite different and perfectly acceptable to you, whilst for others it would be universally recognised as criminal ?

On what side of the Great Divide do you reside and preside?

Here’s a simple lesson you might like to quickly learn:-) ………. And it’s gone. Your money. It’s gone 🙂

It’s no smiley ROFL matter though, is it. ……. but do you recognise it as a fundamental problem which is crashing and crushing all perverse and corrupted systems around you?


amanfromMars 1 Fri 3 Sep 09:42 [2109030942] …….. says on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/09/03/china_digital_services_export_push/

You surely know it is bound to happen somewhere rotting/rotten.

I wonder how long it will take overtaken sub standard competition and opposition to Chinese product to try and ban home grown businesses from importing and taking advantage of certain of their deemed too sensitive and critical advanced and attractive facilities/utilities/services?


amanfromMars [2109031725] ……. laying out one of the simplest of ways to get everything and anything novel and noble done in next to no time with Space State Assets Employing and Exercising Accumulating Immaculate Resources on https://www.rt.com/business/533858-imf-transfer-russia-reserves-record/

Simply to rest any even less than truly impressive percentage of Russia’s international reserve in an Unusually Interesting and Confounding Remote Proxy Account for Virtual AIdDVenturers, would surely immediately generate worldly state funding capital flight/fiat transfer to partake of and invest in programs with oneself as a prime leading stakeholder/Virtual AIdDVenturers Funding Manager of such Futures Projects and Programs Options for Embedding with Derivative Digitally AIReMastered Trade Streams Presenting Future Content Resulting from Presently ACTivated Live Virtual Reality Trials.

Such is a really good idea and more than just a helluva great plan. And all done with the minimum of a few deft clicks of an almighty mouse too.

The Russian central bank target for international reserves at $500 billion would then require a lavish spending of excess to ensure all the help needed is provided to ensure empowering capital funding churn ….. 🙂 which is akin to tip top class professional money laundering/excessive executive wealth redistribution.

Considering it a COSMIC Dividend has one Basked in an Extremely Pleasant and Engaging and EMPowering Glow which is AWEsomely Addictive and Terrifically Attractive and Wonderfully Overwhelming. The Big Mistake made by both Many and a Chosen Few alike, is to think it All Powerful and Not Consuming whenever it can choose you not to be so Profoundly Effected and Almightily Afflicted.


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