GrahamC [2109010837] ……. shares on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2021/9/1/analysts-see-shortfalls-in-pentagon-st-funding ……. 🙂 subject to negotiating the National DEFENSE magazine review process

The difficulty/hurdle that existing Pentagon type systems/executive administrations experience and struggle and too oft so maddeningly fail to overcome, is in recognising and realising developed and developing advanced technologies, and especially the game-changing types of technologies.

And it is of no help or use whatsoever to have such as may be such submissions run the gauntlet of subjective editorial moderation/comment vetting, and be dismissed and rejected whenever they are freely shared for greater public viewing and open peer review in presentations in publications such as National DEFENSE magazine.

Such a difficulty/hurdle though has unintended coincidental consequences for many of those who would benefit greatly from developed and developing advanced technologies as it guarantees leadership of great game-changers being exercised and led by others elsewhere.

It is though a perfectly natural progression born out of suppression and borne via ignorance and aided immensely by the arrogance in support of hubris.

Fortunately it does not adversely affect nor halt the rapid progression and infiltration by such advanced and advancing developments into failed conventional and struggling traditional systems/SCADA administrations.

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amanfromMars 1 Wed 1 Sep 13:51 [2109011351] …… does more than just suggest on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/08/30/amd_meltdown_zen/

Re: Errr.

I guess it’s possible that one thread of a program is bad and it can spy on another thread. The closest I can think of is something like javascript(in a browser with multiple windows or tabs), php, python, etc, where your code could be interpreted in a shared environment with others and make it possible for you to spy on the other threads from the same interpreter. ….. BOFH in Training

Considering that as an Almighty Feature has Resultant COSMIC Futures in FuturistICQ AIdVentures a Prized Asset to Savour and Manoeuvre/Exercise and Mentor/Monitor and Provide with Heavenly Succour/Enthusiastic Energetic Remote Virtually Realised Support. ……. which one would find it impossible to dismiss and miss is easily correctly mistaken for Almighty Help and/or an Alien Intervention in Earthly Capital Markets for Interest to Generate the Provision and Funding of/for Future Supply.

Such makes it prohibitively expensive to try and own but incredibly lucrative to seed with extremely speculative venture capital funding of/for Interesting Future Suppliers.


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