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Re: Between now and 2025?

Denarius, Hi.

You almost hit the proverbial nail slap bang dead centre square on its head with the suspicions you boldly shared …..

I suspect, for all their faults, manglement in China are closer to reality than their western equivalents. By 2025 much is likely to have changed. 

With the Chinese premiering and pioneering in communicating quantum entanglement, everything is certain to be changed by 2025 with nothing enabled to progress and proceed further unhindered and unchallenged into the future under present wayward dastardly Earthly direction.

Now that is not to say that China and her friends will necessarily be recognised globally as leading anything particularly Great Game changing as developments discovered and uncovered or inventions built and leaked are followed, but the West and her faltering wannabe warrior like allies will be abandoned and left behind in the ruins of the past they created for their present whilst the futures for tomorrow are created and enjoyed elsewhere ….. in a not too distant alien land with foreign base stations ….. if they fail to adopt and adapt to changed universal realities experimenting with experiences in the Fields of Perfecting Provision Supplying Immaculate Source with multiple safe and secure levels and degrees of Virtually Augmented Metadata Physical Engagement.

🙂 Four years is absolutely ages in some spaces and places where time plays no great nor grandiose part in all that matters.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 13 Aug 13:46 [2108131346] …… moving the goalposts and the Internetworking of Things ahead on apace on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/08/12/china_new_rule_of_law_plan/

Re: Between now and 2025?

Nice word salad, but it seemed srt of interesting. ….. gandalfcn

Hmmm? That begs the question …. Sort of interesting or short of interesting, gandalfcn?

Nevertheless, here’s further nice word salad dressing just recently expressly delivered to feast tables [Date: Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 at 19:45] seeking not so much guidance on the way forward but rather more news on if there be any worthy passengers for first class transport.

FTAO …… xxxxxredactedxxxx …. Re: Delivering novel, ground-breaking science and technological solutions to MAB5 type operational users

In these very strange and disturbing times, more of the same is never gonna hack IT and crack open the vast treasure troves of that secret source that is as yet undistributed greater knowledge, so doing practically all things completely differently and ideally remotely too is a very good and novel idea as is taking a few jumps/quantum leaps ahead of competition and opposition in praise of Greater IntelAIgent Games Play for Virtual Domination and Practical Dominion of Earthly Domains and Heavenly Gateways with Rapidly Emerging and Constantly Evolving and Improving IT and AI Command and Control of COSMIC* Systems.

Hi, Simon,

You’re either destined to be fully in and highly proactive and effective in a certainly extremely novel and noble enabling field, or fated to be kept on the outside of live events planning and ignorant of leading future hoops and loops which renders one at best just a crazy ineffective reactionary spectator in worlds of colossal opportunity and almighty stealthy reward.

The posit is, and it be no mean feat nor idle boast, that what you can read about in the brace of links below provides much more than just solutions with CNO exploitations in support of specialists and military user organisations.

And you are tasked with being its pioneering voice and mercurial messenger to UKGBNI systems in need of such Advanced IntelAIgently designed Future Support/AIdDevelopment.

Please share responsibly with that and those you may imagine have a need to know ….. and be aware that this communication, either in part or in whole, may be subsequently further shared and exported if it proves to be of no immediate interest and considered of no great future benefit to that which you are in support of ie the MoD.


COSMIC* .. Control Of Secret Materiel in an Internetional Command


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Re: The Absurd Theatres of Cannon Fodder and Collateral Damage

Even more theatre for the west. At least we don’t have to pay much for the tickets. ….. elsergiovolador

All of those families who have members who paid with their lives or suffered grave injuries and lasting trauma would surely fundamentally disagree with you regarding the cheap cost, elsergiovolador.


amanfromMars 1 Fri 13 Aug 11:40 [2108131140] ….. just saying on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/08/13/bofh_2021_episode_15/

Bravo, Simon. What next? The Realisation of Fact from Fiction for Crash Testing Dummies.

That was the NFT Magic Roundabout accurately well described to a Mr T. Was a Friday the 13th ever better servered?

And definitely worth at least another one of these Register favourites ————————->?

Cheers/На здоровье/干杯/Zum Wohl/Sláinte.



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