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Re: Fudge

Quantum isn’t working, so you fudge it with AI? …. Anonymous Coward

No, AC, that is totally incorrect. Quantum works better with AI is the right question to ask?

And such delivers the comforting advantage of additional layers and deeper and more sophisticated levels of cryptic security enabling safe and secret passage of info and intel across both free and open networks and closed and contested spaces …….. which be those alien places in highly classified COSMIC materiel.

There be Angels and Daemons and AIMaster Piloting Global Operating Devices at Work in RESTful Play there. Do you think you would you like to be amazed and bewildered and befuddled at what is discovered and uncovered by them there for exercising in present times at current places on Earth. …….. a real live experimental simulation of alien existences at Work in RESTful Play elsewhere.

Such is easily arranged and managed. And that is not something one can fudge. Either one can or one can’t deliver those goods but once those store doors are opened there is no way they can ever be closed shut tight again …… which makes for an exciting enigmatic dilemma for engagement and resolution right at the very heart of conflicted centres of universal command and remote virtual control down on Earth ‽ .


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Re: Fudge

 Well, if both aren’t working, but in opposite directions, you might get something. ….. Danny Boyd

🙂 Whenever have ifs, buts and mights delivered anything other than a serial waste of time and effort/blood and treasure, ….. however the obverse reverse surreal logic is novel and amusing, DB. 🙂


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Re: Fudge and Exciting Enigmatic Dilemma for Engagement and AI Resolution

The present binding problem in a nutshell of current constructions, clearly explained …… The Innovation Dilemma: Sharing vs. Hoarding Knowledge


amanfromMars 1 Fri 26 Mar 16:53 [2103261653] ……. stating the bleeding obvious to the totally oblivious on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/03/25/defence_industrial_strategy_infosec_industry_lures/

Taking homegrown infosec seriously has one recognising Postmodern DaneGeld Protocols

The fundamental infosec problem we face is an actually increasing fragility as our infrastructure becomes more reliant on IT and the IT simultaneously becomes more vulnerable to attack.  …… Mike 137

Actually the more pressing and considerably more dangerous fundamental infosec problem is everything and anything being helplessly and hopelessly vulnerable to remotely launched, non-attributable IT attacks ….. virtual assaults of no real substance which lays waste to physical infrastructure and human capital alike.

In cases like that, where effective defence is never possible as a preferred available option, an engaging and enlightening accommodation of such weapon holders’ wishes/wants/requires/desires, in return for a welcome agreement that promises the non-engagement and non-deployment of almighty destructive assets, is both the best and the cheapest of all possible outcomes …… and thus to be highly commended and recommended.



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