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Praise Where and When Praise is Due.

I would like to thank El Reg and all the supporting commentards replying on this thread for the generous mountain of valuable information and priceless intelligence so freely shared. To know that there be others out there not so stuck in rut and dumb in a world as to be virtually impotent and practically useless must surely be cause for great celebration that hope springs eternal and will always deliver the goods as be needed rather than as may have been planned.

And have you noticed how, whenever some really interesting and engaging novel tales appear here on El Reg, there can be solutions discussed in conversations that are able to shake and stir up markets to their very core.

Commentards of a certain vintage will remember the Mad comic of another age, which had a certain crazy disruptive and subversive edge to it, and which was not necessarily to everyone’s taste, and so be it here at times I am pleased to say, albeit it being considerably more sophisticated nowadays and much more likely then to be imagined as a stealthy Phrack on steroids and ACID and talking a lot of unavoidable, temporarily inconvenient sense to systems in administration and systems that should really suffer being put into administration given the madness and mayhem, chaos and conflict they cause.

However, as is always the case in such matters of progress, YMMV.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 10 Jan 17:11 [2101101711] …….. being surely brutally honest on

Re: Moonshots and ARPA-esque models

Moonshots and ARPA-esque models. That’s what we need more of.
Oh, and public trust. Good luck with that. …… Anonymous Coward

If the greater public had any inkling at all about how things are organised and get done practically everywhere, there would be rivers of blood in the halls and homes of high political executive and elite administrative business office, AC, and the natives would surely claim they be perfectly right to be absolutely furious, and that is terrifying to the present leading responsible and accountable incumbents everywhere because such intel is so easily revealed virtually anywhere at any time without any timely notice of intention.

And as we all know, once information is out there, there’s no putting it back to unknow it. But hey, that’s the world they have created for themselves and they own.

Not very smart of them, eh?



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