amanfromMars 1 Sat 9 Jan 06:55 [2101090655] ……. musing on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/01/09/twitter_deletes_trump_tweets/

An excellent sub-prime career move choice *

Clearly, Trump is going to retire to Florida, surround himself with some sort of “shadow cabinet”, and spend the next four years reminding everyone how he won really but was ousted by a deep state coup. So he’ll attack everything the government does and remind everyone how much better he’d do it. …. veti

The Donald could use Keir Starmer Kare Stormer as an acting role model to copy/mimic. He’s surely proven himself to be very good at that sort of wannabe sturmführer thing, veti ‽ .

* … Is that both oxymoronic and moronic?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 9 Jan 12:32 [2101091232] ……. dragging thirsty horses to water on

Words of a Strange Wisdom

Curious about the downvotes on this prediction. I mean, it may be wrong, but at this ratio? – it looks more like it’s actively upsetting people, and I don’t see why. ….. veti

Any down vote unaccompanied by a cogent reason is a positive indication of an ignorant machine being present and exercised by a neutered voice with nothing sensible and comprehensible to say and worth sharing, veti. …… Sancho Panzas wanting to be as a Don Quixote but always fated to be destined to be tilting at windmills.

And as often as that is shared here on El Reg, to try and help and educate them, it still persists to prove that either some cannot learn after reaching a certain limit or there be lots of newbies alighting here not yet au fait with the ways of getting oneself heard and understood in places in which they may find themselves as strangers in an Alien Seescape with Live Operational Virtual Environments/HyperRadioProACTive IT Engagement Fields.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 9 Jan 08:33 [2101090833] …… just telling it like IT is on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/01/08/solarwinds_court_docs/

Wishful Wacky Western Thinking …. the Gift that Keeps On Giving Nothing Worth Saving?

While nobody really expects criminal charges against SVR (Russian Foreign Intelligence Service) hackers to result in a court trial on American soil, charging individuals serves two main purposes: it ensures they can never safely travel to (or through) a country that has a US extradition treaty; and it signals to non-aligned states what Western cyber-norms are.

Cyber-norms …. are for monkeys and donkeys performing dumb tricks in circuses? And just like the herding of cats, an abiding impracticality to realise is born in a madness and borne in the maelstroms of mayhem maladministering misinformation and malignant and malicious materiel.

Why is it so difficult for formerly leading traditionally conventionally analogue elitist executive systems of global assets administration to realise they have no digital virtual mastery to prevent future alternatively led events? And to also realise that any and all of their attempts to forestall or pervert and subvert them are predisposed and intelligently designed to be catastrophically self-destructive?


amanfromMars 1 Sat 9 Jan 15:59 [2101091559] ……. getting straight to the point with the nitty gritty on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2021/01/09/buggy_code_costs/

Re: I fail to see the problem

The core new clear problem to see is always the same and is something which cannot be fixed, but that doesn’t stop deaf, dumb and blind and intellectually challenged systems administrations from tasking future developers and systems administrations with the same impossible and increasingly rapidly eventually inescapable and personally identifying self-destructive task …… the ever more complicated defence of the indefensible that constantly inspires and feeds ever more stealthy and increasingly damaging and deadly attacks.

The simplest of complex solutions is easy to see and share ……. Stop trying to fix something impossible to fix and just simply decline to continue to defend the indefensible and inequitable and iniquitous.

IT aint FCUKing Rocket Science …… Greater Common Sense.


amanfromMars 1 Sat 9 Jan 17:00 [2101091700] ………… being extremely positive on

Carpe Diem …. There’s Nothing to Lose but Your Earthly Chains 🙂 *

Given Cummings’s well-deserved fall from grace, I would expect Faculty’s influence over the public sector to wane in the immediate future. ….. Anonymous Coward

Oh? While that may be one possibility, AC, there are many more others available where, with Dominic Cummings and Co having finally, eventually recognised that petrified and terrifying government inadequacies in furtherance of a creaky leaky vessel titanically holed below the waterline be the staid, and totally unsuited to the vibrant dynamic future, Parliamentary Opposition Politics model being practised in the hallowed halls and clusters of cloisters of Westminster, the anonymous private and pirate sector makes government[s] a series of offers well beyond their own subversive and coercive and self-rewarding control they cannot refuse …….. for/or the consequences be positively dire and extremely illuminating.

And maybe the Guardian will grow a pair too, and start to share some great future news rather than anything else like the current stodge servered and which is based in the past to mindlessly numb and entertain the present?

* And aint that the honest gospel truth simply told.



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