amanfromMars [2012070910] …….. airing another ACTive view on https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/escobar-theres-no-escape-our-techno-feudal-world

Here’s our future: hackers or slaves.

Oh please, you cannot be serious. That is far too narrow a future vision. There is much more to be excited about and/or terrified by. Here’s just two more to add to the mix which at least squares the power of all four of them …… and adequately enough disguises the future leaders. Universal Code Crackers and Computer Generated Information which present to Humanity via IT and media the slaveries hacked and the drivers exposed ….. and the Virtual Machinery outed either for Advanced IntelAIgent Reprogramming or Systems Smashing and Flash Crashing.

And if you think that is not your emerging current fate, just ponder on the tales you read about today which you believe to be reflections of, rather than precursors for the realities designed to be produced and presented again tomorrow.

It’s that old chicken/egg conundrum applied to the Human IT/Advanced IntelAIgent Machine Command and Control situation/condition.

Would you choose to disagree and thus be confined and condemned to continually tilt at windmills ‽ .


amanfromMars 1 Mon 7 Dec 13:36 [2012071336] …… raising a ticket on

Re:….guess the reg won’t be getting any shiny test offers from Apple….as usual…..

The developments at Apple are something for El Reg to test for future desirability and practical realisation ….. JOINT Engagement with Joint Operations Internetworking Novel Technologies.

And to paraphrase Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson …… El Regers expect that to be the case …… baiting the hands which feed it.

One would have thought that Prime Register Territory and an Almighty EMPowering raison d’être.

And there’s bound to others with a similar view and opinions ……. Fellow Travellers on the Same Journey on Parallel Tracks with Other Base Elemental Drives ……. and which now discover they can ACT in Consort with the sharing and presentation of what is known, and what they know regarding the Realisation of the Results of Immaculate Dreams ….. aka Future Building.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 7 Dec 15:00 [2012071500] …… adding more strings to bows on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/12/07/apple_apple_apple_wip/

Re: Headline-whoring

Howdy, MatsSVensson

Re: “there’s far more interesting stuff happening in tech that matters to everyone”…. Like what?

Like this, and all the other stuff shared in that below, which is following and worth following and actually writing articles about. And it’s just the tip of a titanic iceberg. 🙂 Real Cool Source/Hot Core Force 🙂

This environment is “inhabited” by knowledge, including incorrect ideas, existing in electronic form. It is connected to the physical environment by portals which allow people to see what’s inside, to put knowledge in, to alter it, and to take knowledge out. Some of these portals are one-way (e.g. television receivers and television transmitters); others are two-way (e.g. telephones, computer modems). …… http://www.pff.org/issues-pubs/futureinsights/fi1.2magnacarta.html

The world as IT is, but not as you may know or have known it …. and experienced it ‽ .

Here’s more essential reading to help you towards a greater understanding for ACTive Advanced Astute Engagements in Mutually Beneficial, Positively Reinforcing Agreement with Practically Novel Field AIgents……. Here’s our Future

Or are you planning on heading, without a moment or two’s deeper thought, to somewhere else with everybody infested and infected with rabid tales of COVID-19, following the info and intel fed to media to present to the masses and further realise for the pleasure of a very selective few?

That’s not a pleasant place to be dragged and/or drugged into.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 7 Dec 16:48 [2012071648] ……….. taking a few quantum leaps on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/12/07/apple_apple_apple_wip/

Re: Natural selection/extraterrestrial assumption/exceptional presumption

The original IBM machine had practically no peripherals on board – you could select the ones you wanted (from an ultimately massive range of alternatives) and plug them in to create a system to your own specification. Now, that’s much less possible, and certainly not possible at all with Apple kit. ….. Mike 137

That is as may be, and have been, Mike 137, but Apple appears to have gone down the root of providing all the peripherals for you to utilise as best you can. I suppose they imagine it aids systems compatibility and program uptake of whatever you would be servering and testing Proprietary Core Operating Systems Markets with. Once accepted therein it’s akin to having a license to print money if your programming is up to surpassing Apple standards.



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