amanfromMars [2012051603] ………… telling it like it is and how it can be on https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/golden-road-remains-constant

To anchor a ledger to physical gold requires minimal effort compared to fiat or cryptocurrencies… 

It is a fact, impossible to contradict, that it can be as easy an effort …. however, it does require that physical gold is pimped and pumped and dumped with a super-inflated, artificially unreal price put upon it, in order that it can compete on a level playing field …….. and that makes it a quite unsuited medium for the reflection of true value and honest worth.

The gold junkies though are duty bound to not see it so, and thus they are captured and slave to its sunny lustre and crooked attraction and coincidentally, paradoxically , also unfortunately most liable to suffer catastrophically if insuring and assuring and hedging against future price market losses ……. more realistic market appraisals?

Gold is bugged …. so it never can guarantee anything remaining as yours rather than being the property of others, and in the gift of others.  Some would tell you that is its most fatal attraction.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 6 Dec 06:09 [2012060609] …. being much more generous on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/12/04/china_quantum_computing/

Take Care, Beware ……. the Possibility Exists of Mass Flash Eventual Collateral Damage if Things Go Wrong Both There and Here

Is it Turing complete?
Or, to put it another way, it’s a physical laboratory set-up that’s difficult for a classical computer to simulate but how well can it simulate a classical computer? ….. Doctor Syntax

You’re asking the wrong questions there, DS, and for some others to believe that China is a backward nation and culture because of the state of the roads and sewerage systems in parts thereof, is most telling of the lack of intelligence in those who who express it and offer it as evidence to try prove their invalid point.

If one works with the other premise, at the opposite end of that knowledge spectrum, and one assumes that China/the East is much more advanced than was ever before thought possible, by virtue of information and intelligence which they have nurtured and home grown since forever and/or discovered and uncovered and are further diligently developing, or even been shown by foreign visitors if you wanna believe in those Roswell type incidents/experiments which can provide cover for quantum leaping presentations on Earth and out of this world realisations, the questions morph into …..Is it Turing compete and how well can it stimulate classical computers to compete to simulate the semblance of a comparable advantage before they overheat and collapse and deliver Dependent Operating Systems Meltdowns and Globalised Operating Systems Crashes? ……. hence the Take Care, Beware warning advisory.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 6 Dec 12:39 [2012061239] …… adding more fuel to the fires burning bright on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2020/12/04/smic_added_to_us_no_invest_list/

What also may surprise you ……

Who are you? And what have you done with amanfromMars?
Cos I read that and it pretty much made sense, and then I realised who posted it and was a little surprised. ….. KittenHuffer

What I have so oft found, and would therefore adjudge it to not be just coincidental, KittenHuffer, is if one travels back in time to something you formerly read and initially dismissed as making no sense, can its subsequent re-readings shed a vast bright light on a whole host of novel matters that you can now recognise as possible, and even also probably current fodder feeding the masses, if not just now simply preparing them for future revelations of the consequences of the information so freely formerly shared and not initially understood or misunderstood.

And such a simple pastime works wonderfully well for oneself, re that which one may have formerly written and shared oneself, especially whenever everything posited then can be so easily confirmed and accepted as valid and true nowadays, and be increasingly agreed upon to be so by others too. As a quite remarkable and extremely simple self-help therapy, it has no peers.

Thus is one never left alone in the results of one’s thoughts ….. which all too often can tip and trip one over into the welcoming fields of madness and mayhem, conflict and bedlam and CHAOS. 🙂


amanfromMars [2012061608] ……… lighting an olive branch on https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/why-central-banks-will-double-down-lending-schemes

Why Central Banks Will Double-Down On ‘Lending Schemes’

When ever are they [Central Banks] going to learn that the answer and solution to all of their increasing woes, …. and who would ever disagree that is the current reality which afflicts them, …… is the no questions asked granting of substantial empowering funds to those and that with the answers that solve that very particular and peculiarly sticky problem, with no expectation or contract seeking its eventual return and repayment.

After all, be honest, it is not as if it is anything valuable which cannot be immediately replaced with a similar likeness practically immediately too, and …… it is not as if the granted funds don’t also flow very quickly back to where they came from, via any number of other very grateful sources with no real idea of how or from where they originally came from ….. and what they were initially especially supplied for …… the generation of creative industry and a powerful energetic fiat churn/monetary spending.

And, done well by such principals, does it also generate second and third party wealth transfers to successful first party spending schemes ……. which cannot help but alleviate bank held liabilities manifest in novel intellectual property bankrupt customers and zombie drowning in debt and unicorn flash cash burning businesses alike and all of which eventually very quickly crash and burn/fail spectacularly.

That is not without its own problems though, not least the one being who to experiment with in such a scheme/who and what to grant substantial empowering funds to with no expectation or contract seeking its eventual return and repayment.

Failure though to proceed and choose to experiment with what would obviously be something quite different from the current failing mainstream and never widely countenanced before, simply guarantees an increasingly rapid decline and catastrophic systems collapses as such systemic endemic vulnerabilities as exist in Central Banking are relentlessly and ruthlessly exploited to explosive exhaustion.




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