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Re: What to do …. with so much spare time in your hand, and at one’s beck and call?

The title of this comment and its generative post is extremely misleading and it should read as a simple statement on an admittedly decidedly designedly complex matter…. What has been done with so much spare time at one’s beck and call

Now, with that having been said, and clearly enough registered here for personal comprehension and wwwider onward transmission, does the programming morph into another avenue of likely operation and possible, and therefore quite probable stealthy engagement with interested second and interesting third parties if the necessary intelligence is not MIA/AWOL in its executive administrative systems.

The following is a prime 0day example of such a morph ……

CyberIntelAIgent Interventions for Both Supply and Delivery of Realistic Tinkering

cc …. MI5 DG Ken McCallum re the future threat landscape as a suitable case for SMARTR Virtual Treatment …… Augmented Alternative Reality Presentations

I Kid U Not. The difficulty you may have in believing in such an advanced development is because of that from which you may suffer to an alarming and disarming degree, and which is succinctly summed up in the acronym, FUD.


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