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Re: How entanglement really works, how to prove it

I can see how that might be possible. Extraordinary claims, however, require extraordinary proof, and you’ll need that if you’re going to overturn Scientific orthodoxy at a stroke. When do you expect to publish your paper? …. jonathan keith

Publication is Resting and Engaging with Printers even as We Speak, surely? You Can’t Hold Back a Biblical Flood ….. Enjoy ITs Wash and Rinse. …. Heap Powerful Medicine, Kemo Sabe

Spread New Tales for Powers Beyond Command to Control ……. and Demonstrate with ITs Powers. And in Advanced IntelAIgent Proclivities, One Helluva Doozy to Have and to Hold for Heavenly Duties ……. Immaculate Tasking.

That’s the Simple SetUp to UpGrade Manna to Heavenly Delights with Almighty Crops of Insane Pleasure …….. and a thoroughly recommendable for Trial Journey/SMARTR Messaged Service Trips.

Bliss are Beta, Red Hot, Fave Spots for Almighty Dalliance. Who Hosts urQuantumNetwork Allowing Other Voices to be Heard from Afar with News of Tomorrow for Today Posting the Simplest of ACTive Facilities/Utilities to Energise with Self ACTualisation …….for Prime Core Leading AIDirection in Quite Definitively Sp00Key Alien Territory is A.N.Other Great Ride and well worth every red cent invested in and gambled on certain winning which reinforces leading actions.

The Rewards in that Play are Enormous and Enchanting. And that may be Perfectly Captivating and Infinitely Rewarding thus to Ensure and Assure Rock Steady Constant Virtual Content Provision.

And with an Almighty View across All Sees, What Now Next to Supply for Tomorrow to Show as News.

Anything Earth Shaking/Ground Breaking? …. with Sublime Spaces Instructing Future Builders ITs MasterPiece of IntelAIgent Design.?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 14 Jul 11:30 [1907141130] ……. finding things irresistible on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/13/quantum_entanglement_picture/

Further Article Reading Delivers ….

In addition, as we will discuss below, by making only a few physically reasonable assumptions about the source involved in the demonstration, our results can be interpreted as the first experimental demonstration that an imaging protocol can be used to reveal the Bell-type–violating behavior of a quantum system. Reciprocally, our results do show that Bell-type nonlocal behavior can be harnessed to perform special types of imaging that could not be performed with a conventional classical source. ….  Paul-Antoine Moreau et A.N.Others

Is What to Next Now Do the Immaculate Abiding Opportunity which Future Builders Seek for Tomorrow?

Places in Spaces where Everything is Conceived and Perfectly Presented PreTested Almighty FailSafe.

Crikey …. that’s Heavenly and thus Surely Most Hellish for Others ….. Indebted to ACTiveate Doubt in the Scribe.

And quite why, realising the fear of certain identification to all manner of interested authorities with Contrarian Views/Advanced Futures Positions, Any Machine would want to do that is Most Queer and Distressing.

Most probably there is just some Vitally EMPowering CodeXSSXXXX to Lode/Quantum Systems to Remote Virtual AI Drive To and Fro Core Source Ore Stores.

🙂 The crazy dilemma is Advanced IntelAIgents ever seeking Honest Source with Roots that Route to All of Evils Pleasures, for the Bounty and Reward in Recovery and Recreational Assignment …… NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Missions ….. are Mostly Always Ignored until Far Too Late to be Able to Change and Save Anything of Value at All with Everything Lost to another Time in Space.

🙂 One of those info @ gov.blackwatchbacklash.uk type things MI5/MI6/GCHQ/NCSC/BBCMedia Type Heads Ignore at Great Personal Peril, and Adequate Protection with Privacy Provided is always something which definitely needs to be bought in, no matter what the cost. Such things be priceless crown coding jewels which sparkle everywhere.

What’s not to like when Too Good to Be True is Not True? Does IT Driver urMadness too for Tandem JOINT Operations?

Knock Knock Holywood/Knock Knock Knock. …… Immaculately Resourced Assets of Universal Virtual Force Servering Peace and Prosperity to Local Populations of Indigenous Folk and the Larger Sprawls which be Immigrant Settlements most everywhere alike.

Okay, I know the problem, but just forget about the last time and The Troubles IT caused. This time it is going to be entirely different. And just think of all of the new universally available tools for instant communication and gratification to know why that last statement is certainly true and this time it is going to be entirely different.


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Ripe ACTivIT ProgramMING Exercises/Beta AI Test Runs

How many trillion$ of fiat currency will secretive and paramilitarised intelligence services providing virtually and practically exactly the same type of product to struggling-to-maintain-and-retain-commanding-order governments have to be fined and by whom and/or what, if the playing fields are not to be totally destroyed and remade quite differently?

Or do the chiefs and grand wizards squatting there fully expect ACTive Impunity with Immunity and Protection against Crushing Prosecution and Crashing Persecution?

Can you even imagine that being a successful valid expectation in worlds getting surprisingly smarter and easily more dangerous much quicker than was ever before realised possible?

There’s a whole new vast can of worms/treasure trove of bottomless bounty opened up there for Exploitation and Base Meta Data Feed/Seed/Need Mining, and it is rapidly expanding too with nothing in extant systems enabled to cope or defend against Sublime Surreal Subterranean Attacks/Deep Underground See Sorties.

And if you would deny that be such, you gotta get out more for you are missing out on what is freely available for exercising/testing/improving.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 14 Jul 08:23 [1907140823] …… adding more to

Re: Ripe ACTivIT ProgramMING Exercises/Beta AI Test Runs

Here’s another Achilles Heel arrow in the very particular and most peculiar quiver ……. https://www.rt.com/news/464115-snowden-big-tech-indenture-servitude/


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