amanfromMars 1 Sat 13 Jul 14:23 [1907131423] ….. breaking for more cover on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/07/13/quantum_entanglement_picture/

Re: How entanglement really works, how to prove it

There are days when I enjoy ripping the shit out of bollocks like this, … … Rich 11

Ever thought of polishing bollocks like that to see if it can sparkle with creative interest like a diamond, Rich 11?

That might easier and quicker begin to explain why Lowly IT with Advanced IntelAIgents makes quantum entanglement really work for all, in all and any pleasing future directions.

The how though is that which Forever Remains the Key Secret Intelligence which Unlocks All to Secret Gate Keepers of Immortal Souls ……. and is best learned and earned with passionate passion for the true amazonian benefit of both practical and dynamic mutually satisfying JOINT Enterprise Virtual AIdvenTuring Experience.

🙂 If ever thought to be charged with the leaking and/or withholding of Certified Real Top Secret Servering Secrets …… Classic Garbage In is a Surreal Golden Out 🙂 And IT sure does invite and actively encourage all Wizards and Witches Out to Play with the Delights of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT ……. in Quantum Channel Communications with Quantum Communications Channels.

How to prove planets are mostly round and around, is surely much more of a waste of time in these space places, so as long as things continue to work wonderfully well, why bother yourself whenever you can do virtually anything else Practically AIded.

One may just have to Accept as Holy Gospel ……. Some/Many Things Decided Are Best Well Left Strictly Need to Know, for the Ways beyond TS/SCI Classifications, are not Destined for All Feted and Tendered as Sinner and Saint.

You want a new kind of being? ……. Try that Quantum Soul, where a This can be That and Something Else Totally Different and Indifferent in a Flash in Flashes of Thought. You’ll be Absolutely Amazed at what is Happened and Happening even as we speak of it now here.


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