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A Simple Test of Corrupt and Perverse States of Non-Representation

Democracy in this country is slipping away so quickly yet both ordinary MPs and the people seem totally myopic about it. ….. Andy The Hat

Clearly advising ordinary MPs and the people about it, Andy The Hat, almost immediately has the people able and enabled to shame and blame MPs with whistleblowing presentations of the evidence of their inactions in the face of such knowledge and purloined intelligence resulting in their failure to address and engage Rapid Rabid Emerging Realisations with Greater Plans than of Late for the Future.

Or do Parliaments Expect A.N.Others to Lead with Democracy and they be just paid to Temporarily Play Guardian Nurse of Stellar Assets which is an Enigmatic Sinecure of a Post Originally Designed to Engage with Intellect and Information to make Novel Practical Use of Freely Available Viable ImaginaNation?

One simply just has to ask Parliamentary type leaderships some of those awkward questions to know what is, or is not, in their heads.


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Quick Fix for Easy Pay to Captivating Prey

The abiding titanic hole guaranteeing a deep and dark grave to colossal ships of paramilitarised state, is catastrophically damaging, secret security intelligence being known of by a few, but easily made generally available to the masses, from other private sources and renegade rogue pirate agents neither privy nor party to gagging by any signing of any Official Secrets Act.

One imagines a prime quick emergency fix is to pay source a commanding top price for a stunning silence/pregnant pause, for the advantage of being first to be able to lead further into the future without such secret security intelligence information being used to create a whole series of almighty problems for systems solutions.

It’s only flash cash after all, and nothing really valuable, so best make it a realistically high price commensurate with the risk of containing a catastrophically damaging event situation with destructive virtual cascades.


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