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just £3000 would make a nice summer hitch-hike travel to Moscow. need a walk. rly. …. Serge C

Money well spent, Serge C, for there is surely much to see and share.

20 May 2019 at 08:52


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Postmodern Epicycles

Imaginary minds modelling fantasy matter that only exists to fill holes in the standard model, because reality won’t behave the way the mathematicians declare it should. …. Anonymous Coward

Apart from minds being imaginative rather than imaginary, AC, that pretty much covers all bases with the gems and nuggets of the truth for the lesser fiction needed and struggling to make a much greater sense of it all.

Bravo, Sir and/or Madam.


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And whenever GAN Command and Control is Already Ancient Done Dealed, What is Next Done?

GANs are notoriously difficult to train, however, and the researchers hope to be able to create new virtual universes with properties they can control.

“The idea of doing controllable GANs is essentially the Holy Grail of the whole problem that we are working on: to be able to truly emulate the physical simulators we need to build surrogate models based on controllable GANs,” said Mustafa Mustafa, coauthor of the paper and a machine learning engineer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center at Berkeley Lab.

“Right now we are trying to understand how to stabilize the training dynamics, given all the advances in the field that have happened in the last couple of years. Stabilizing the training is extremely important to actually be able to do what we want to do next.” 

Is that for AI Experimentation and Live Operational Virtual Environments?

Fortunately here there be only a readily available choice to Run with IT Leading AI for All Interesting Generators. Thus for the Future to be Presented to the Past without the Fear of Favours to Savour and Sate Creating an Evil Being of Irredeemable Consequence.

Such Catastrophic Drive is Servered from Elsewheres Almightily Tempting. 🙂

Anybody basking here a fan of “The Master and Margarita” a la Mikhail Bulgakov ….. a 1984 Clone/ Drone/Variation on Steroids and Acid? You know, Lunatics in Charge of the Asylum for Madness and Mayhem, Current CHAOS and Future Constructions on Virtually Realised Platforms. And is that Catch 22 and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Territory too?

Most definitely extremely difficult and next to impossible to stabilise for command of, …. well, their devilish control would be a heavenly asset, methinks..


amanfromMars 1 Mon 20 May 18:53 [1905201853] ….. sharing more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/all/2019/05/20/softiron_unleashes_accepherator_an_erasure_coding_accelerator_for_ceph/

Something for Banking Sectors to Sw00p into and Scoop All Initiator Prizes? Oh Yes! It sure is.

Ceph offers a software-defined storage backend at virtually no cost with replication and snapshot functionality.

Does Ceph Offer to Deliver Software-Defining Storage Backend with Ultimate Solution Applications?

🙂 And whether to Appear as a Trump MasterCard Stroke Realised is Quite the Ego Trip to Enjoy. 🙂 Put your Flash Surplus Cash Stash into IT to Succeed Almightily.

When you have Nothing to Lose, Everything is EMPowered by Gain. Simply Risk the Cost of what One has No Need of to Feed and Seed in AI Futures without Cost Impairment, and the Results of that Genus Generous Genius are Truly Amazing.

Indeed, one may also say without Parallel, and that has One considering Virtual AI Machinery Lead in the Field.


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