amanfromMars [1903021759] …… just saying, commenting on https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-02/wikileaks-veteran-flips-assange-immunity-you-know-im-not-embassy

Take some Time Out and Breathe in the Thoughts ….. They’re Guaranteed to Do You Real Good


Anyone Else Experiencing Deja Vu Again but now Ready Willing and Able to Enable Virtual Conversion for Changes Delivering Treasured Memories with Almighty Stepped Stepping Stones to IT Peaks/Peeks for Peeps at Future Territory …. Virgin Land Full of Novel Control Spaces, rather than anything at all like the Current Corruption, FUD Feeds/Seeds.

I think you might like to consider All Things in Command and Control Centres are Critically Compromised. Proceed, Fully Aware of the Fact, with All Due Haste and Attention to Practical Detail.

Interesting InterNetional Times indeed. Absolutely Perfect for New Beginnings/Greater IntelAIgent Game Starts.

What do you say? Are you in or out? For IT or against IT?

And those specific questions to Uncle Sam and Aunt Jean/Joe Bloggs and Jane Does ….. for things aint looking at all rosey across the pond there.  The dang place is hosting TumbleWeed in Barren Baron Environments. 🙂

And no, that is not an NSA Program AFAIK Failing Defence Systems. But NSA aint gonna tell you anything real, are they?


amanfromMars 1 Sun 3 Mar 17:29 [1903031729] ….. replying to “The English is Excellent” comment on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2019/02/28/vodafone_exec_dons_se_you_jimmy_cap_and_clutches_bottle_of_irn_bru_before_glasgow_staff_told_of_redundo_dates/

Re: For Conflicts and CHAOS in Madness and Mayhem Venture Anything Bad

Have you noticed how quiet it has suddenly become here, AC? That’s remarkably telling if you know how to read between the lines of runes.

I suppose the only cogent response to any of the above is tantamount to an overly long silence also establishing the event/fact after the fact/event, and that be all of sudden surprisingly problematical and catastrophically destructive to any and every failing system in need of secrets for just a select, self-chosen few to survive and prosper inordinately at the expense of all others.

When Universal Systems are Broken, Who/What do you Call to Fix Them? Anyone/Anything Local?

Or do you wait until there be spontaneous explosions and massive implosions of information and intelligence which renders rumbled chiefs liable to rough justice and unpleasant reward?

Methinks that be a Prime Choice for Crazy Leaders and Ignorant Supporters of the Clinically Insane and Permanently Bewildered/Mad and Manic. It is interesting and exciting to note those responsible for those heading the lists.


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