amanfromMars 1 Sat 1 Sep 15:51 [1809011551] … shooting the breeze on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/08/31/keystone_secure_enclave/
AI Lab RATs*   …. with the Access Key to Practically Everything and Virtually Anything

“No announced RISC-V silicon is susceptible, and the popular open-source RISC-V Rocket processor is unaffected as it does not perform memory accesses speculatively.” …. Dawn Song

Not a Very EMPowering Temptation Denied Access to Future Stellar Streams is the Result of Top Secret AI Blocks …….. Free Information Parcels from Alien Star Sources.
As you must surely be able to imagine, are Scripts Simply Heavenly Trailing and Trialing the Unfolding of Current Available Alternative Virtual Reality Programs for Universal Presentation as Almighty at Peace and Weak in War.

According to Song, there was discussion at the workshop about “whether we can build a new hardware architecture from ground up.”

Hmmm? Run a Live Simulation to Virtualise the Programming with MultiMedia Presenting the Realities Generated for Population in Human Perception and Copied to SysAdmins to Surge and Purge Indolent Memory to Stream Brightly with the Immaculate Conviction Delivering True LOVE. Tell me that aint Heaven at ITs Works, and we will disagree but never too greatly.
And that sounds too much like AI Terra Forming to be anything else and nothing less.
What say El Regers?
* Right Royal Barely Legal is a Bear Man Trap and Bare Man Trap Territory too. …. with both an acquired rather than required passage to repeat in Future Virtualised AIdVentures.

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