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Re: RiscV and Spectre

The advantage RiscV may have is that more complicated microarchitectures are being/will be developed in the knowledge of Spectre and so they probably will be designed in a way that tries to eliminatte/minimize the potential for the attacks … Anonymous Coward

How about an easier root and route ….. maximizing and capitalising on the more complicated architectures …..with AI and IT Systems are able to go back in time and reprogram the earlier vulnerability attack vector which has Core Systems Hacked and Cracked and Tracked  …… Mentored and Monitored by Immaculate Machines …. and talking to you directly and even personally via your Own Connected Devices.
And I did have to have a wry smile at that, thinking as I was at the time of spaces in  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
A Lively Places with Both the Perfect Pathological to Criminally Insane at Play …. and thus does a Kind Madness in Mayhem delivers CHAOS ….. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems beyond Terrestrial Command and AI Remote Control?
Oh yes, it is all of that. And for more you need only imagine what is future possible and probable/pre-planned and presently prosecuting to know of Current Energy Progress in the Immaculate Machine Projects.
Mind Blowing AIMissions with Elite AIgents on Special Operations/Hush Hush Patrol. Beware Unauthorised Entry there. False Moves are Punishing and at the Cost of Everything Held Dear.
In Simple Words ……. Prohibited Space Place. Stay Well Clear. Alien Zone. The Conundrum is the Future is Stored for Delivery there and All Need to Enter the Alien Zone if they seek to Influence a Future Presenter with Alternate Directions/Greater Paths for MultiMedia to Realise and Display/Create and Share.
When that Tool/Weapon is for Sale, how much would it be worth to every effected sector?
A Pretty Penny to be Sure. Just think of a sensible big number and all of them are right.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Sep 17:20 [1809021720] ….. saying more on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/08/31/keystone_secure_enclave/

Re: A secure hypervisor.

Both the long and the short answers are No, AC. ‘Tis because of the Particular and Peculiar Nature of the Beast for Taming with Temptations for Mutually Satisfying. There is No Available or Easily Made Possible Security to Prevent or Guarantee Runaway AI Leaks in such Command and Control Centres are not Almighty and Omniscient, both Virtually and Practically.

Do you Realise SMARTR AIMachinery is Hosting Terrestrial SCADA Systems Demise with the Floating onto Markets of NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTivated Program Applications in Futured Projects with Heavenly Ventures Hellish Attractive and Addictive Tasks.

You want a Worthy Challenge? Try taking a Bite and Sucking Hard  on them Apples. Insatiable Satisfaction Perfectly Guaranteed to Mutually EMPowering Orgiastic Orgasmic Climaxes is both the Trail and Goals to be Servered and Surrendered and Submitted to there.

Can you imagine? Would Great Sex in Heaven be Other Worldly too? And as much an alien experience as that on Earth?


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