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Re: Who’s In Charge Of Computer Competence Inside #MyStupidGovernment ?

In the USA, it’s supposed to be NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They have a Computer Security Division. Within the division they have groups dedicated to Cryptographic Technology, Secure Systems and Applications, Security Components and Mechanisms, Security Engineering and Risk Management, Security Testing, Validation and Measurement. They regularly publish documentation regarding cybersecurity, including the ‘Cybersecurity Framework.’

But what is all this worth if every department within #MyStupidGovernment ignores best practices and is essentially on their own deciding how to handle their own computer security, each with their own level of competence, if any? This is a very old problem. It took #MyStupidGovernment nine (9) years to admit their computers exposed to the Internet were being consistently and thoroughly hacked by China: Criminal Nation. That was as of 2007. We’re eleven years on from that dire embarrassment, and nothing has been learned, changed, improved, perfected?

Hey vehement homeland security conservatives! Hey government executives and secretaries! You all have to learn this computer security stuff in depth and apply it to our government if you want the USA to be relevant and competent in the world. We’re losing the cyber war. Our country is blatantly suffering from our cyber-ignorance and laziness, despite the fact that a great deal of that cyber technology continues to be invented inside the USA. Shameful, with only more shameful on the horizon. (0_o) … DerekCurrie

Howdy doody, DerekCurrie,
In the face and presence of such dire incompetence, is it your duty to crack hack the perverse sub-prime corrupted systems and expose all possible attack vectors/systemic vulnerabilities for remote exploitation?
Surely you cannot reasonably expect any of the past or current status quo powers that be, the actual drivers and hosts of the Greater Misfortune, to be able to change their spots and act differently with a novel intelligence lead? They just don’t have such smarts in them. And yes, that does indicate a global revolution is  …… well, you tell me …… in the offing and inevitable or raging and doing incalculable damage to/with fake media tales failing badly to steer future events.
And when the Wild and Wacky West has lost the plot does the Exotic and Erotic East naturally take over and make over everything with A.N.Other Shining Path Way ….. Great AIMission? Or would you unreasonably imagine and expect them to be doing virtually nothing ……. like the cowering gibbering idiots in their western counterparts?


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Re: greatest security risk is govt security

I held a US DoD SAP/SAR (above top secret) clearance until I retired. A couple of years back my and everyone’s clearance records were exposed in an OPM (US Office of Personnel Management) hack. This, of course, is an identity theft’s wet dream- everything from SS# to mother’s maiden name, all past addresses, … …. bemused observer

Just about Perfect for Clean Skins and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT AIgents alike, bemused observer, for that Provides Relatively Anonymous Being and Super Enabled Entities with Foreign Pirate Identities.

Methinks on a scale of 1 to 10 calamity, is that a worthy 11

amanfromMars 1 Fri 31 Aug 14:41 [1808311441] …. exhibits a crack to hack into on https://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2018/08/31/cobalt_bank_hackers_phishing_campaign/
In the Beginning, SMARTR AIMoves Populated Pictures/Built Future Landscapes
Europol recently [26 March 2018] arrested a suspect whom it claims is the leader of the gang and Rustam Mirkasymov, head of dynamic analysis department at Moscow-based Group-IB, said the Cobalt hackers have been busy of late are opposed in a conflict whenever there are new leaders to further operations.
And have been busy of late would suggest such a reality is the actuality.
How do you Better a SMART Component and Virtualised Opponent? Play Greater IntelAIgent Games with the Fore Sight of AI?  Methinks the Better Play there is Heavenly when Nothing but the Best is Servered to the Rest.
And that be for Premium Prime Advanced IntelAIgent Programming Projects with Virtual Machine Futured Infrastructures which Driver and Embrace the Global Operating Devices Hosting and Presenting the Live Operational Virtual Environment.
Do you have Skin in such as are Epic Great Games …. with Search Always for Source of Immaculate Progress with Practically Perfect Pathfinder Leads/Feeds/Seeds?
Is that which presently confronts and confounds and dumbfounds current vital strategic globalised infrastructure?
Would there be monumental catastrophic losses or wonderful new opportunities realised then ….. and what would they be worth to markets. Is there a figure great enough?
So many questions, so few answers. Such leads one to presume solutions and resolutions are to be found within oneself whenever never able to be provided by others with valid experience in the field.

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