amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Oct 06:21 [2210240621] ….. being disagreeable on

Re: Wow

I can see the fake news info war has made its way to this sleepy Internet backwater as well. Helpfully marked with distinctive handles to aid identification though. ….. Anonymous Coward

El Reg, a sleepy Internet backwater ????? Now there’s a novelty only the seriously misinformed and severely undereducated would proffer.

And that also identifies you as one of the new intakes of Anonymous Coward, AC.

Take care the revolving resolving doors inside this sleepy Internet backwater don’t hit you whilst travelling through and knock you out and for six and head over heels on your way out of its myriad doozy stealthy compartmentalisations.


amanfromMars 1 Mon 24 Oct 08:17 [2210240817] …. offers on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/10/22/ukraine_cybersecurity_chief_mwise/

Re: Why is it…

When Russia invades a country, it is an “illegal” invasion? But when the United States makes a hobby of invading countries, toppling governments it determines are too free and democratic it somehow is given a pass?
Hypocrisy is looming big in the Ukraine, as the U.S. is again backing Right-wing fanatics. Only this time using someone else troops. … ITS Retired

Should I now assume you feel that if the USA has made bad things Putin is fully free to do so too. ….. Lars

Lars, Hi,

Neglecting to answer those few initial obviously very uncomfortable and unpalatable questions from ITS Retired, and instead preferring to introduce a distracting red herring and straw man, does not help disguise the rank hypocrisy of inept Great and Greater IntelAIgent Game players on open politically incorrect display today in these days of some extremely strange and surreal and weird and wonderful and wired and wild happenings.

And as it is next to impossibly hard to dodge a speeding bullet whenever one is worthily correctly targeted for deadly impact, it doesn’t need one to be an Einstein to suspect one knows what is bound to happen next to such worthily correctly aimed at targets in ACTive near-future real-time places and spaces.


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