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Re: It cuts both ways

In case you’ve not noticed it information from UA is tightly controlled. In fact just recently a US military person commented that they have might tighter ‘operational security’ than the Russians which they use to their advantage. We in the US learned from the Vietnam war that its not a good idea to give journalists free access to the conflict, we need to tightly control and curate any information being given out for security and also to curate public opinion, hence the use of embedded journalists. The result is often disinformation, the impression planted in the public mind of the country and the conflict often bears little resemblance to the actual place and events. It would be naive to think that the same thing isn’t happening in Ukraine, especially as we don’t actually see very much hard information (and all too often the same recycled photographs). …. martinusher

Precisely, martinusher, quite so.

Therefore, then logically and beyond any question of reasonable doubt, nothing is as it would popularly seem, and the realities one presumes oneself to be living in are remotely, relatively anonymously constructed, media delivered, fake existences ……. and it is not absolutely necessary for such exercises and perceptions management programs and projects to be in extremis and in exclusive elite executive command and control to be almightily effective and attractive and addictive at one one end of the NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT spectrum or mightily disruptive and destructively chaotic and depressive at the other end ‽ .

And …. to not realise nor accept that as a matter of true and honest universal fact has one condemning oneself to be energised as nothing more powerful or important than an expendable pawn to be considered for roadkill to that and/or those who do realise and accept and would continually script it with stealthy instruction sets for puppeteers to follow and render their thoughts shared in relatively secure and safe secret spaces today as proxy actions and decisions for resulting planned future outcomes tomorrow ….. with that modus operandi/vivendi cycle exercised every day, time and time again, in excelsis and to XSSXXXX.

Who/What does that for/to you today, with you following their plans for tomorrow in a bleak future land and seescape?


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