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Re: MetaDataPhysical FailSafe Harbour Help ….. A Quantum Communications Leap for AI and IT @AC

Be advised that government knows very much about what you say. It is just sometimes very hard to marshall competence to the right place.
British government knows how to meet top class people even in foreign lands with high precision. Not theory, firsthand knowledge.
Sometimes the NATO deep state is asleep, but whenever it truly matters they seem to be almost omnipotent. Not as a brute, but maybe as a kind person cheering you up. Open your eyes. … Anonymous Coward

Oh, how nice, and that would be certainly be a great deal more comforting than everyone having to witness and experience the resultant traumas from all of the universally available abundant evidence suggesting the contrary and their much more apparent incompetence to be in the right place to do the right thing with either that and/or those in the know with that which needs to be done, AC.

Now is neither the time nor the space for NATO deep state to be asleep. Do you know what is needed to shake them awake with eyes wide open and plans of almighty campaigns that ensure and assure and guarantee overwhelming omniscience, for that is what they would be seeking to befriend and engage with, or be waging vain battle and ignorant self-destructive war against these days, if preferring/deciding instead to travel the truly unruly brute route which delivers to them their just desserts and worthy nihilistic fate at the hands of would have been great AWEsome friends, necessarily because of perverse other party action, turned merciless heartless phantom stateless enemy.

🙂 If governments visit and read El Reg, and that surely cannot be made any simpler for them, they can easily instantly know everything about that which is said and to be said, for it be clearly enough written down for them to see in plain enriching and EMPowering text and co-opted co-operative hyperlinks.

Is there an email address available for sleepy NATO deep state with anyone competent able to receive and answer questions on such matters with a relevant cogent reply, AC? Or is that too simple a solution for such sensitive explosive matters with too many then able to know about everything which might be in the planning for the future?

An address, an address, my kingdom for an address … 🙂


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Yes, of course they are. You’d be a useful fool to not realise it be so.

FFS….. anyone would think that the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Uncle Sam’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) did not know that those sorts of traders have always been shady and crooked and likely to play dirty with no notice taken of stupid rules designed to prevent an unfair advantage to others. And high on Bolivian Marching Powder is no valid excuse if seeking to escape prosecution for dirty deeds done dirt cheap rendering fantastic gains at the expense of …… well, there are never ever very many spectacular losses, are there, which is strange.

Do you think such markets and casinos are rigged?



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