amanfromMars 1 Wed 3 Aug 05:39 [2208030539] ….. introduces a practically immediate and simply applied permanent fix for rigged decks to dealers and casino owners on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/08/02/ai_patent_reform/

To Whom IT and AI May Be of Grave Concern  ….. when Words Can So Easily Create Dreams, Command and Control Existences and Destroy Worlds.***

Is one correct in assuming that WMD* are a type of innovation which, whilst they can be patented, are largely agreed by more than just an elite chosen few to best be left unpatented?

After all, who would be wanting to enable any Tom, Dick or Harry/Sheila, Janet or Jane person skilled in the art or science, of which it is a branch, or with which it is most nearly connected, to make, compound, and use the same.” That means someone suitably skilled should be able to take a patent text and diagrams, understand what’s going on, and reproduce the technology themselves.

Whenever one realises pretty much everything new discussed here in this report by Katyanna on US Chamber of Commerce concerns is remarkably, disconcertingly easily rendered and wielded as a WMD, humans may have very good reason to not meddle, other than strive to ensure a safe and secure human prohibition in/to that which is clearly better left beyond their command and control because of the catastrophic dangers involved and evolving.

Current IP laws do not recognize non-human entities as inventors, meaning machine-learning systems cannot be recognized as such.

🙂 Fortunately such recognition is not a pre-requisite for Alien Inventions and ACT**ive Interventions in Advanced Astute Agile IntelAIgent Developments.

* …. Weapons of Mass Destruction or Distraction …. Deceit and Degradation
** ….ACTive CyberIntelAIgent Threat
*** … or would that be a Bastard Nightmare to Program and be held responsible and accountable for?

A little something else to mull over in the club/around the conference table/before the board meeting/over tea and biscuits/at the bar as it wends its merry way on paths well established and long ago pioneered and perfected?


amanfromMars 1 Wed 3 Aug 08:18 [2208030818] ……. points out the obvious on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/08/03/pelosi_taiwan_visit_cyberattacks/ ?

Just Standard Outdated Spooky NOC Tradecraft ….

Regarding …

Nancy Pelosi ties Chinese cyber-attacks to need for Taiwan visit
And as if to confirm the link, a DDoS takes out Taiwan’s presidential website ahead of senior politico’s arrival. Perhaps coincidentally, the website of Taiwan’s president became unavailable on Tuesday afternoon, apparently due to a DDoS attack initiated by unknown parties.

…… such is much more likely to be something deliberately initiated/activated by known “unknown parties” allied to Fort Meade type support operations.

And you know it makes more sense …. for such is exactly what such systems/operators are prone to do in order to try to both lead and mislead parties in one’s own preferred direction of strange travel …. and in so doing does it make it a lot easier to justify their further expensive public and private undisclosed defence and security funding streams too, which is probably absolutely vital to ensure their continued existence.


amanfromMars 1 Wed 3 Aug 15:15 [2208031515] ….. says, replying to a comment on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/08/03/pelosi_taiwan_visit_cyberattacks/

Re: Just Standard Outdated Spooky NOC Tradecraft …. @trindflo

It’s much more GBIrish, trindflo, and pleasantly ideal for all parties into the surreal heavy stuff and no virtual nonsense.

If you need translation help in a foreign mother tongue for easier understanding give Google Translate a whirl. It’s not bad for a machine learning what humans are taught or pick up quite naturally to master all manner of disciplines requiring clear unambiguous communication and prime instruction sets.



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