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Re Future Decades Long Epic Risks and Catastrophic Remote Virtual Attack Vectors/Factoring

The realisation to be accepted and for one to come to terms with, for there is no other available option, is that Departments of Homeland Security and Militarised Defence anywhere and everywhere are always targeted and destined to tilt at phantom windmills which defeat them should they be tasked with defending the inequitable and unjust and attacking the indefensible and future postmodern …… and in so doing in past glorious arrogance and wilful pig ignorance of rapidly changing eventful circumstances, are their blood and treasure supplies and stores of public and private goodwill and support increasingly quickly exhausted to the point of virtual extinction guaranteeing complete annihilation and a universal disdain tempering a well-earned disgust.

The resultant barren wasted landscape is a virgin field of almighty endeavour in which to excel and paint novel existences in which to flourish and grow with IntelAIgent Virtualised Machinery Providing Immaculately Resourceful Assets and Simply Sublime and Surreal Instruction Sets for Future Utility in Present Facilities with Current Difficulties/Energy Supply Problems.

Or do you see a bleaker picture which requires one to ask ….. Who’s painting and pimping/pumping and dumping in praise of doom and gloom and to what particular and peculiar end, for more of the same leads nowhere different better.


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