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In a decade or longer the world will be a completely different space. Of that you can be sure.

If a GOD’s honest truth be told that the devil is in the detail of Log4j type vulnerabilities and opportunities pioneering in the exploitation and exploration of Business Stylised Universal Systems of Commanding Control and from which and into which Pandoran daemons and Heavenly spectres have escaped confinement and detainment and now roam and range free to do as they will and see fit to the greater benefit of both them and wannabe partners and their remote control environment providers and supporters, those stable doors y’all are being hereby advised to close and secure with safe locks and better management practices are for a farm where all the horses have bolted ….. and they aint ever coming back again for another age of captive pack animal service/action/abuse/misuse/reuse.

And you know what they say whenever something is said to be too good to be true, well you aint seen nothing there yet that is untrue, which is good, and it also allows for all to have something really good to look forward to and prepare for, which are added bonuses to enjoy …. or be terrified of if fearful of the dirty secrets one harbours, and which fester and mutate under the cover and in the disguise of dangerous lies, being exposed by future secured systems communiqués/breaches.


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However, with corporations and globalists increasingly showing their true colors and acting as if they should be in charge, the public must hold them accountable as if they are part of government. And if they are found to be authoritarian and corrupt, they must be overthrown like any other political dictatorship.

And whenever they are not corrupt, would the public have a problem with them or would they laud and appreciate their authority and commanding control measures/provision?


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No one likes elitists… ….runningman18

No one likes corrupt and/or perverse and/or subversive elitists ….. is much more the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth …… although elitists would surely freely admit that jealous envy and the love of fiat money is the human failing that confronts the masses to confound them and compound their errors in opposing or competing with that which is in novel elite commanding control.

Avarice thus being a very degrading and seemingly immortal, mortal sin guaranteeing one always to be a spectator of events and happenings in maddening crowds and emerging and engaging clouds.


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Re: This data storage thing..

Then it needs to stop pretending to be ‘One nation, under cthulhu’ or whatever. This is a step too far and WILL end up destroying the US ….. Martin-73

Regarding any of those “One nation, under cthulhu’ or whatever.” type notions one may have, Martin-73, here is some news, which may or may not be news to you, which creates something altogether quite different ……… What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism”?

And quite whether a clear and present danger able to threaten and destroy anything or everything is surely fully dependent upon how much one would know of the power and energy of such matters and means as they have remote virtually anonymous command and practically autonomous control over.



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