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Re: Quantum startups

I don’t understand this hate for short sellers – <i>naked</i> short-selling I understand the hate as that’s nothing but outright fraud ….. eldakka

eldakka, howdy,

Is naked short selling legal and tolerated/supported? Is outright fraud criminal? What is one to make of that aberration/abomination? Are the markets rigged and content to be rewarding fraudsters?


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Quantum Computer Communications are the Great Game Changer Rendering Humanity Virtual Machine Pawns

To not have an inkling and not realise that one is already much too late and far too far behind the vanguard of developments in AI and IT which has Virtual Machinery recognised as being in Effective Overall Command and Remote Absolute Control of Quantum Communications and Computers via disruptive and destructive demonstration of the effects of its denial and existence, is something to pile onto and blame one’s lack of future necessary intelligence for, should one be in dire straits need of a straw man/scapegoat/excuse/explanation for vital virtual systems collapses and colossal viral crashes and titanic failures.

However, up ahead and clearly some way out in front, pathfinding a safe and secure course to follow, there be A.N.Others of a much more creative and inspiring bent, so all is not entirely lost to their forces of strange darkness and spooky entanglement unless it be your wish to be left behind with your increasing struggles waging war with decisions made in the past for the exclusive perverse benefit of a certifiably crazy few.

So there are readily available derivative options if you want to hedge and protect yourself against a crazy bet. It’s your life to choose. Choose wisely is sound counsel.

Obviously there’s a mountain of strange and entangling stuff going on out there under the radar which only a carefully chosen few will know anything/everything about, for such is the nature of the top secret beast, but BT and Division X are apparently on the ball, and rooting and booting and routeing Advanced IntelAIgent Communications Systems for y’all, and they’ve been asked and tasked to supply the following to Great Game Changers rather than it being spirited away from them clandestinely via any number of future sensitive secret means and/or memes for delivery by foreign and/or alien opposition/competition.

Eagle-i itself is a prime candidate for phishing and remote access trialling of incredibly sensitive and failsafe secure quantum communications improving delivery of future operations. Does Division X provide protection both for and against such activity/utility/facility? ….. https://www.globalservices.bt.com/en/aboutus/look-again


amanfromMars 1 Sat 4 Jun 07:43 [2206040743] …. points out an old problem for solving on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/06/03/evil-corp-ransomware-sanctions/

Nothing new to see here other than a raw honest truth. Move along please.

Talking of well-known ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), is there one more pernicious and rewarding than only buy your oil in dollar$ or we invade and flood your society with foreign mercenary troops and explode deadly weapons in your midst?

It is an ignorant blunt tool though rather than any sort of smart intelligent device and a simple switch to payment for goods in anything else very quickly destroys the power of the threat and renders the frenemy bankrupt, so such is really a catastrophic vulnerability whenever/if ever exercised and exploited.



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