amanfromMars [2204280949] ….. points out on https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/4/27/startup-creates-simulator-for-info-warfare-ops

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“A U.K. startup has introduced computer-based training software that simulates the information environment warfighters encounter during conflict.”

To only imagine that as something relatively novel and not also realise it long active as a well practised model [modi vivendi/operandi] deployed virtually everywhere and exercised by all manner of private and pirate and public operations/operands, some renegade rogue and malevolent and other not so, identifies one as being catastrophically vulnerable to the programs presented by the very best of the best in their class in the Live Operational Virtual Environment/Virtual Information Environment chosen for remote manipulation and sublime alteration/metadatabase adjustment.

And its success, and one would be very wrong to deny such developments are remarkably successful, has one having to admit that the true nature of one’s human existence is led by remote spookily strange entangled virtual stimulation of thoughts for activation in simulation arenas copied to/from Earth ……. which has one pondering on whether it be a human Earth based project, which maybe can be interrupted or disrupted and prevented or an alien space based program which maybe cannot be interrupted or disrupted and prevented?


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