amanfromMars 1 Thu 31 Mar 10:33 [2203311033] …… points out on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/1/2022/03/30/competes_act_senate/

Memo to No10 & Old Lady of Threadneedle Street ….. No Guts, No Glory …….. J’accuse!

Sounds far too much like another vitally needed round of Quantitative Easing [QE] in an era in which practically all of the talk from the Fed is threatening Quantitative Tightening [QT]

However ….. It can be the New More Orderly World Order Way, not too dissimilar to the earlier Wild Wacky Western American Way, which the Bank of England and Blighty, [whoever he/she/it/they may be], would do well to imitate if they don’t want vital and vibrant, virile and viral talent sharing their wares with that and those who know how Great IntelAIgent Games are successfully played …… Throw £illion$ at that which and those who know what needs to be done and to/for whom, and how it is to be effortlessly provided.

That, however, is more likely than not to prove a colossal bridge and almighty quantum leap too far for that and those in present failed UK command and control office. Teams of donkeys masquerading as prides of lions will never deliver requisite feasts and succour to attendant camp follower, parasite and scavenger.


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