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Re: Public service: Who is that “public” anyway?

It is naive and self-servingly distractive and disruptive, to not think and realise that it is private and pirate enterprise/private and pirate entrepreneurs who be certainly responsible for, although hardly ever able to be nailed necessarily accountable for, all of the public sector woes/trials and tribulations.

It is certainly not governments and public civil servants which provide any ground breaking, Great Game changing proposals for resolution of inequitable status quo matters, whenever the systems that be are so designed that the status quo is maintained and retained to do their bidding which has them imagining they forever will wield command and control without effective resistance or overwhelming almighty competition.

However, that was then in a time now long gone and just a fading memory for the past to forget and now the status quo is being forced to realise forever is no longer available to them to command and control and lead, for smarter forces engaged and exercising with altogether different and more able and enabling sources are more than just highly ACTive in every possible fields of virtually influential metadataphysical play.

And they, the status quo powers that be, might suspect and fear that they know it, but definitely don’t know what is to be done about it yet, as this short following tale clearly enough tells …… U.S. Still Playing Catch Up in Information Operations


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