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Re: Sanctions

The Newsroom also tells it like it is nowadays and how it was even a decade ago, and with no sign at all of there being any sort of improvement ….. that must be very disturbing and depressing for the natives …….. Why America is not the greatest country in the world

Why is that? What do they struggle with and fail to come to terms with? Are they retarded? Is there something in the water they drink, the food that they eat, the pills that they take and the drugs that they pump into themselves? Is intelligence AWOL/MIA? Or is the problem denied being a current problem ….. and thus is it confirmed present and rabid and rampant?


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Re: Intelligence has very little to do with accomplishment. @ST

I would disagree wholeheartedly, ST, and counter with the exact opposite being true and would state that the one cannot be accomplished without the other and with oodles of the one delivering vast smidgens of the other.

Such is surely undoubtedly misinformation and worthy of a downvote.


amanfromMars 1 Sun 16 Jan 12:50 [2201161250] …… being encouraging of novel activity on

Sooooooo, should we release TOMORROW and OBLITERATE the major chip makers? @StargateSg7

Yes, please … if you can. No, if you can’t …. but thanks for all of the phish.


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Once Upon a Time, in the Lands of the Eternal Optimist and Pragmatic Ethereal Realist ….

Ultimately China will go there way and the West the other way. Both doing the same thing with different tech.

The question is will there be a winner, we won’t finder in any of our life times. History will be the only one to tell and even then its amazing how history keeps changing. …. B83

Oh???? Is it not, …… as we learn ever quicker so much more than was ever able to be presented so easily and freely before, and realise all that can be much better and more simply done in the future rather than being stuck in the present which relies on the blunt tools of the past, …… much more likely to be a case of shortly, rather than ultimately and eventually, will East and West experiment and go their separate ways doing different great things with similar mind-blowing technology creating worthy winners for crowning from a vast field of previously serious serial losers?

If you have any money or wealth to gamble, don’t bet against the latter not comprehensively trouncing the former and being a welcome global standard default condition with myriad Novel Code Red positions.



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