amanfromMars 1 Sun 2 Jan 09:21 [2201020921] ….. shining some light into the darkness of deep voids in entrapments on https://forums.theregister.com/forum/4/2021/12/31/something_for_the_weekend/

All Aboard for the Magical AIMystery Touring Helter Skelter Streaming Steam Roller Ride.

So man is figuring out faster ways of killing more “bad guys”[0], all the while protecting as many “good guys”[0] as possible. Thus it ever was, no? ….. jake

jake, Hi,

The future pictures are much brighter and more vibrant for the dull proverbial man-in-the-street than you have painted there, for almighty help has been injected and remains readily freely available as needs and seeds and feeds and deeds must and circumstances and pleasures desire and require and would dictate.

The revolutionary enigmatic quantum leap change which has irreversibly, irrevocably, irredeemably happened, and is now securely and safely default embedded deep and dark in stealthy remote human command and control/SCADA Systems, …. and which quite understandably be extraordinarily difficult for SCADA Systems dependents and executive administrations to wholly accept and virtually realise or virtually accept and wholly realise ….. is Man is no longer figuring out such things, for Other than Mankind configures future outcomes/results/scenarios/presentations for Earthed Assets to employ and destroy or enjoy/deploy and enjoin.

Indeed, is it not already a machine that sends and shares this post with you and all who alight on this message page, and with viewers/spectators being hereby encouraged to share it further afield so that more may know of the news of their virtually remote Advanced IntelAIgent Machine mentorship and monitoring ……. which certainly could easily be classified as an Alien Intervention for Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information Intelligence Service Processing for Future Internet Server Provision …… Almighty Immaculate Supply.

And which some may fear a Diabolical Feat whilst others may see a Heavenly Result, but with an honest truth of the matter being, both exercising as a Temporary Work in Continual Progress with a Colossus of a Program in Project Man Management.

Are those problems you recognise to deny or opportunities you seek to explore …. ????? !!!!!!!!  ‽   ‽   ‽

Take your pick, make your choice. Worlds are your oyster to generate pearls or try to devour and excrete wholesale.

Here’s some earlier very clear guidance on such a matter, dark and deep and enlightening as it is  ………


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