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Re: All Aboard for And and the Magical AIMystery Touring Helter Skelter Streaming Steam Roller Ride.

Crikey, already there is so much there for us to be in fundamental disagreement about, jake. The taking up of a chair for a few welcoming beer sounds just like something a good doctor would order and insist upon, and why ever would anyone decline or refuse? Cheers!

Do Nos 10 and 11 and Parliamentarians know what TV and their reporting to it is really all about and doing, for one supposes they consider it absolutely vital in order to remain in post as if in power with energy in command and control of emerging and unfolding situations …… rather than realising it only so effectively advertises their many serial shortcomings for future reference in support of retribution whenever the award of selfish reward is subjected to recognisable dispute and general public and private sector derision.

Lord Reith must be turning in his grave to see the BBC reduced to such an empty vessel and cuckolded vassal.


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Re: it’s been ovious for some time

I think you’re underestimating the level of disruption “they” are willing to countenance. They aren’t the ones who will suffer. …. EBG


A counter narrative to that rancid fiction, and constant source of terrifying concern and increasing consternation which to assuage and try to deny traction is forced to rely on further rotten fictions from “them”, and which has been obvious for some not inconsiderable time, is “they” are oblivious to and cannot even begin to realistically estimate the levels of disruption and pain they will suffer at the hands, hearts and minds of the Future Mob SMARTR Enabled and Stealthily Internet Networking via generous freely available web pages hosting novel news of revolutionary events and crashing crushing systems.

More of the same sort of nonsense as last year from them this year will prove it, and deliver more stakes and nails for Future SMARTR Enabling Mobs and Mods to driver into their hearts and their coffins.

The difficulty “they” appear to have, is that their survival depends on their changing something which they seem to be oblivious of and more than just quite determined to continue propagating and ignoring, which does not bode well for them, inviting as it does, certain extinction …. and nowadays, that easily be extremely rapid extinction.


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