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How to Prevent Global Financial System Collapse? Lose to a War? …. The Folly of Fools who be Tools

Registering the Bigger Picture Show in All of ITs Ugly Naked Glory.

It is not that I wish to spoil your Xmas and New Year celebrations, for the system is already doing all of that admirably well with its continually dire and monotonously depressing news cycles revealing the destruction of your wealth and health, but you really should be made aware of the following crazy live current play.

amanfromMars [2112240202] …. expresses on https://www.rt.com/russia/544257-nato-boss-expansion-proposals/

It is just as well NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg doesn’t have a little moustache, for then it would too easy to equate NATO actions and proposals as being extremely similar to those of the National Socialist Party and Nazis in the 1930’s, which were also lavishly funded by the Western banking system/fiat ponzi system to do their dirty deeds, done dirt cheap which appears to need FUD [Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt] and warring nations in order to try to continue to survive and prosper an elite executive few by creating madness and mayhem for the delivery of chaos and catastrophe to the administrative unwary and ignorant many.

It is a mistake though to not think that things have changed fundamentally since then, which is almost a century ago, with more virtually virulent vital folk than ever before a great deal wiser than any warmonger ever before even imagined possible, in command and control of levers and advanced technologies for disruptive events and deeply damaging episodes which quickly punish such errant Uncle Tomfoolery/Uncle Sam UKGBNI European Empire type nonsense.

And with more means than can ever be prevented from delivering such news worlds-wide freely available to such novel sources with almighty forces.

It does make one wonder how such useless idiocy would hope to survive out on a limb rather than expect to perish on the vine whenever such clear affiliations lauding and mirroring a failed past are so obviously present and so politically incorrect and judiciously inept?

Methinks missing secret intelligence and sinister failed counter-intelligence would be the only correct answer to that enigmatic conundrum.


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Re: How to Prevent Global Financial System Collapse? Lose to a War? The Folly of Fools who be Tools

Collapsing only the dollar for me would be fine.. And it is happening already.. and is all that is surely needed for those wanting a guarantee of a welcome irrevocable pleasant change, Clausewitz 4.0.

Nobody with any common sense nowadays wants to be seen as instrumental in simply printing a counterfeit currency for global laundering to create multiple foreign occupations of alien lands by virtual strangers with acres of deadly arms to exercise with live fires specifically designed to cause as much irreparable harm as be humanly possible. Well, not if they don’t want to recognised and universally known as an unworthy psychopathic pariah, that is, with dire straits especial secret force attention needs that stem the flow of feeds and destroy self-destructive seeds.

That would be to admit to being a subject submitting to a crazy incurable madness, and that is not good, and nor does it end well, in any language one can think of, methinks.

What says you?


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