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Re: Are You Stuck in a Deep Dark Rut by General Accident or Unintelligent Design?

Strange as it may seem, intelligence is all too oft overestimated whenever presumed and assumed to be in the possession of others of a contrary and oppositional mindset …. which of course they would be pleased to present as a mistake all too easily made to be widely believed.

Fortunately though does the truth of the matter only need to be known by an almighty choice few for the weakness presented to be ruthlessly and relentless exploited in order to ensure fundamental changes are realised and guaranteed irreversible.

And as for good Exotic And Erotic Eastern Partners, was there ever a more addictively attractive option for Wild Wacky Westerners than a Sino-Soviet Mélange/Ménage à Trois ‽


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Is Trading with the Enemy Treason in a Time of Non Declared War?

Was Autonomy bought [by a predator/entrepreneur/business] or sold [by a predator/enterepreneur/business]?
Yes .….. Anonymous Coward

Thus is the prosecution and extradition request then in such a case, a malignant persecution and wilful malicious violation of a societal norm, AC ‽ .

For Priti Patel [and the Conservative Party Cartel by inference and intimate Cabinet Office association] not to refuse a vindictive fraudulent request from a distant foreign bully, beaten to the punch fair and square, raises the spectre confirmed that UKGBNI have deep in their midst a mole/a probable nest of moles, and therefore they cannot be trusted with anything novel and sensitive and great game changing.

Déjà vu, eh …….. the Establishment has pretty well documented form.

For those who don’t know of that form, Spycatcher, The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer, a memoir written by Peter Wright, former MI5 officer and Assistant Director, diligently informs …… and he would definitely know.



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